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Digital tattoos for Moto X come to life with this new product by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group and VivaLnk.



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  • Armando Ferreira 3 years ago

    Why not just use Android Wear? Implement an NFC chip on the bottom side of
    the clasp and call it a day. Should have done this with the Moto 360 and
    could have blown everyone out of the water. This is just a silly idea!

  • John Hardy 3 years ago

    Unfortunately this is a very silly idea, Motorola.

  • Thomas Baekdal 3 years ago

    Uhm… what??? Motorola apparently doesn’t know that April Fools jokes are
    only something you do on April 1st

    A New Digital Tattoo for Moto X

  • Heath Borton 3 years ago

    So…… I seriously think this is a waste. Why not just continue to use
    Moto Skip? At least those you don’t have to replace every 5 days!

  • Tom Rich 3 years ago





    Because I want some. This idea is utterly ridiculous – why not implement
    into (existing) wearable technology? Makes no sense.

  • Adonis Inman 3 years ago


  • Mike Downes 3 years ago


  • Alex Hong 3 years ago

    Pretty cool stuff. Not sure how practical is getting a new digital tattoo
    every 5 days. Not sure if this is a step in the right direction, but at
    least it’s a step forward in helping to make securing devices less of a
    chore. Trusted bluetooth device is still a better option IMO, especially
    with the vast amount of wearables that will be coming into the market soon.

  • Vishnu Vijay 3 years ago

    Why not just stick a NFC tag into your watch?

  • Misha M.-Kupriyanov 3 years ago

    Jepp, it’s digital Tattoo for unlocking you phone (currently Moto X only) 😉

    *”Digital tattoos for Moto X come to life with this new product by Google’s
    Advanced Technology and Projects group and VivaLnk.”*

    available at

    via +Yan Tseytlin 

  • Алексей Поляков 3 years ago

    По моему не удобно…

  • Stuart Allen 3 years ago

    Hmm. I’ll stick with a Bluetooth “anything” for the time being. 

  • Emanuele Conte 3 years ago
  • Andrew Thompson 3 years ago

    Funny how 5 years ago this would have been considered an April Fool’s joke.

  • William Wolffe 3 years ago

    That’s not creepy at all 

  • Stefan-Saleh Vasilev 3 years ago

    Mark of the Beast !?

  • Hussain Nashydhu Moosa 3 years ago

    Motorola is making some insanely cool stuff …
    Digital Tattoo to unlock your phone ???
    Sure, I can roll with that !!! 

  • Fascist Slayer 3 years ago

    “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting
    against it.”

    H.G. Wells 1938

  • MrJusttestinghere 3 years ago

    This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry..

  • Blunty 3 years ago

    I know english isn’t the first language of anyone in this video, but TATTOO
    is *NOT* the same thing as STICKER… hint… *this* ‘product”, is a
    (and also… the fingerprint reader concept, which other manufacturers have
    already very successfully implemented is WAAAAY more convenient than this
    hilariously silly gimmickary)

  • goldensilverstar 3 years ago

    Humanity has become so FUCKING lazy that we can’t even bother to unlock our
    phones ?

    Or is that you cant afford to waste 2 seconds to unlock ur phone?

    Life is becoming very fast and lazy, you all gonna fuck the world up

  • Kortni Hines 3 years ago

    Wow. Just when things seemed to be getting more advanced 

  • Anee Daniels 3 years ago

    I think they trolled. Umm just use a fingerprint scanner, everyone has a
    unique fingerprint so why not take advantage of it instead of a stupid

  • KiloSierraAlpha 3 years ago

    Mark of Satan right there!

  • Luis Amador 3 years ago

    April fools already??

  • jedimigue 3 years ago

    Great I like the idea, but it can be used un other terminals with NFC?


  • Awe Galore 3 years ago

    Impractical. If you have private information on your phone keep it on you.
    Problem solved.

  • Duane Roberts 3 years ago

    Man I love technology. I’m not even sure I’d use something like this but
    the innovation and thinking that keeps pushing boundaries is awesome.