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Badass shirts and stuff at (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) Dimas Tour Dates …



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  • DaangMel 3 years ago

    The wedding date tattoo:/

  • Jana vlogs 3 years ago

    tattoo a little earth on your wrist! 

  • mzspargo 3 years ago

    Looks A M A Z I N G Charles!!!!!

  • hororka666 3 years ago

    I have only one tattoo so far on my ankle and I don´t how it happened but
    it tickled more than anything esle. There were maybe three moments of pain,
    but other than that I was laguhing my ass off kind of 😀 

  • Erick Castillo Fuentes 3 years ago

    Little kids on the comments talking about their first “tattoo” haha what?
    Shut the fuck up. 

  • Lia Gable 3 years ago

    Fucking amazing! !!! 

  • Lee Leah 3 years ago

    A astronaut with a vlogging camera in his hand!

  • FriendsofEnemiesBand 3 years ago

    Dimas is awesome. i would never get a tattoo myself but he did an amazing
    job on that one on your shoulder. chill vlog today. 😀 love you guys and
    see you tomorrow Charles. toodles

  • IIIIIIIIL 3 years ago

    CTFxC just… isn’t the same…

  • Mia Babic 3 years ago

    The date you are officially cancer free you should get tattooed! 

  • The tattooed needed more color, but it came out great.

  • THCandCBD 3 years ago

    When I get tattoos I dislike the outlining part, but prefer the shading

  • Tori Hindson 3 years ago

    What is Charles and Alli doing with the dogs?

  • johanna chavez 3 years ago

    Did alli just left Charles,Marley and Zooey 

  • Storm-Stryker_87 3 years ago

    random stupid question, lets say that a tattoo is on your knees and lets
    say that you fell of your bike and you scrape your knees. what will happen
    to it.

  • Evan Deitrich 3 years ago

    I love your dad’s mustache 

  • Enderzz Edits 3 years ago

    charels where is your wife

  • SnaixOnAPlane 3 years ago

    is ali ever coming back?

  • Frances leigh 3 years ago

    Hello CTFxC I know that this is a stupid question, but please forgive me I
    have only been with the CTFxC nation for the last year. Does Charles even
    have a driver’s license? 

  • nadiainthesky 3 years ago

    Hmm, some people cut their hair when they go through a traumatic life
    change, Charles apparently starts getting more and more trashy tattoos and
    wearing wife beaters constantly. Blech.

  • ScottishGaming 3 years ago

    Why is ali still in the description?

  • Danny Heslop 3 years ago

    That tattoo looked amazing :D

  • Vincente Parker 3 years ago

    I’m still hoping Alli comes back…

  • RowAshore 3 years ago

    Sorry, but getting tattoos all over will not turn you into a real man. Quit
    being such a wimp. It’s like you can’t function unless someone is holding
    your hand like a little boy. All the whining, my God, stop it!

  • yoyogiraffe 3 years ago

    I want you to add one of your dogs in a sorceress outfit with lightning
    coming out of her paws 🙂 if you do that I will love you forever

  • darkundereyes 3 years ago

    He never listened. His mom told him not get tattoos and he still does. It’s
    pretty understandable why his marriage didn’t worked out.

  • Adam Brady 3 years ago


  • BlvckSaint 3 years ago

    at 6:01 did he get their marriage date on the tattoo changed ? 

  • sara carpenter 3 years ago

    do the astronaut holding a camera vlogging himself and then have CTFXC
    floating about his head or something along those lines

  • Brett Harvey 3 years ago

    lol charles you are getting a lot more views now that alli’s gone

  • ArmyFtBall 3 years ago

    Tattoo = mutilation. Everyone regrets them 10 years later. Times change
    but the thing never will come off.

  • ClaytonStation 3 years ago

    for everyone missing the old outro…

    Now its time to sit back and view, the coolest DUDE that is on youtube,
    can’t wait to see what he did today, its coming up i can hardly wait the
    internet killed the tv and well keep thumbing up. its you and me were CTFxC
    gunna share the vloggety its charles trippy we’er CTFxC, its you and me its
    CTFxC gunna share the interwebs we’er charles trippy and CTFxC don’t forget
    Zoey and Marley.

  • StyleByCarmen 3 years ago

    love the tattoo!!!

  • TheMokubaCosplayer 3 years ago

    Love the new tattoo!!! I’m secretly thinking of getting a third
    tattoo…just have to make sure my dad doesn’t find out about it…

  • _Zawxse 3 years ago

    Date Erica she is hot!!!!!

  • Aissata Aw 3 years ago

    Tattoos are stupid

  • Amir Saidian 3 years ago

    Pretty good having people drive you from place to place. I ask my mum to
    drop me off somewhere, I get a lecture on how expensive petrol is, then
    demanded to walk my way and take public transport. Lol

  • Whopper Bu 3 years ago

    why cant he drive?