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Yesterday’s Vlog: Mystery Video: …WHAT W…



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  • RipTard 3 years ago

    Casey’s eulogy to Lizzie the Lizard had me LOLing good!

  • Akeelah1998 3 years ago

    Thanks for the American Girl tour, Princesstard! You have some nice
    accessories – very creative too (@ 9:40)

  • Johnny Braun 3 years ago

    Casey smelt the phone

  • Matt Xavier 3 years ago

    That is awesome how princesstard knows about Cesar Chavez, considering the
    harsh history that the American farm workers at the the time went through.
    What was really corrupt about what the farm workers went through was that
    the planes would spray pesticide on the farmers while they were working on
    the harvest. Many of them became ill because of the pesticide that
    contaminated their bodies. The government truly did not give a rats #$$,
    not only about the the farmers wages but their human rights as well. This
    is not the first time that people were mistreated humanly by their
    government or will it be the last. Thank God for certain people in history
    pointing out corruption and fighting oppressors through many ways. Awesome
    how princesstard is so keen on historical figures. Truly says a lot. Love
    the podcast. 

  • Farrah Hays 3 years ago

    n what if she fell n dropped that baby

  • Alyson smith 3 years ago

    Is frozen songs the only song they know

  • Nancy Séraphin 3 years ago

    funny im reading about him in skool and the grape boycott

  • Julie Diana 3 years ago

    If I saw 2 couples with 7 children I would think they were mormons lol

  • Morgan Aitchison 3 years ago

    Vlogging while driving!!! 

  • Longtallsal17 3 years ago

    Ha ha the stickers on brotard…SO sweet

  • Lowrie Smith 3 years ago

    Emmi is way better than Avia as a natural singer, but with some voice
    lessons I think Avia could be better. 

  • Hector Montes 3 years ago

    Not to sound like a douche or anything but the singing/letting the kids
    vlog footage is so boring to me! 

  • Nancy Ramirez 3 years ago

    shay you are vloging a driving

  • Stephanie marler 3 years ago

    my cousins name is lizzie and we call her lizard

  • 2424lil 3 years ago

    I want to know what casey said at the end lol

  • Bailey Rose 3 years ago

    Princesstard you sing very well 

  • Ainsley Richardson 3 years ago


  • Preye Ogoun 3 years ago

    pt looks tan

  • Jason dafe 3 years ago

    Casey is zach galifanakis

  • Magleeps 3 years ago

    Please wear seatbelts!

  • Kayla Tomlinson 3 years ago

    Lol shay, “Avia wait stop”

  • Paola Ranieri 3 years ago

    By the way, that snowman song has been hitting my head so much because of
    you guys that I am now learning it on the guitar ! :D

  • Delfi Proot 3 years ago

    did they ever tell why Logan came back from his mission in Argentina?

  • Shawnie Guy 3 years ago

    Sontard is definitely gonna grow up looking so much like Shay & Casey!

  • julia kan 3 years ago

    Shay was driving driving driving 

  • Lizzie Apato 3 years ago

    My name is lizzie!!!!!!

  • Katarina Ortiz 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh that place looks so coooool!

  • charlie ellen peck 3 years ago

    Shay your driving whilst vlogging 

  • Sami Brook 3 years ago

    you should read this comment shay or shane:0 ;)

  • jenna vloggss 3 years ago

    Avia and Emmi are both really good at singing! And I kinda find it rude for
    people to be like or she’s better, but they both equally amazing

  • Celeste Roper 3 years ago


  • 歌不死 3 years ago

    Ah I love Avia! When she was not meant to be recording and Shay was telling
    her to be quite ahh her face! I know them feels! Aha good job though :3!

  • Aaliyah Faith 3 years ago

    Lol Shay you didn’t let Avia finish her song, You have 2 talented beautiful
    daughters future super stars right there, Well doesn’t matter how many
    children you have you can have 10 but I can honestly say you look after all
    your children so well both you & mommytard are amazing and are very much
    blessed in life and I hope you all stay like that Amen

  • IQ100Ego120 3 years ago

    Does anybody know what Casey texted them?

  • Sementa Alldredge 3 years ago

    I love Avia, she’s so sassy :)

  • sweetcutegirls2013 3 years ago

    Hey love your videos

  • tara k. 3 years ago

    If the other kids want to make videos, Shay lets them. Babytard made a Let
    it Go video bc she wanted to. Shay didn’t stop her. Avia is the most
    outgoing while the others kids aren’t as interested in performing & being
    in front of camera. So Avia should be punished for that & not be allowed to
    make videos? Avia is her own person & because she’s not as camera shy as
    the others she’s getting hate for it. Hate from adults bc she loves to
    perform & act and sing. I think it comes from people who might have been
    ignored as kids and are taking it out on Avia.