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  • Yankeegator 3 years ago

    Look like circus freaks… Rule of rules… Never marry a woman with a tattoo…

  • BlueBulb2 3 years ago

    Why are there men?o_O good video still. I want a tatoo a small star on my
    Rist* thats why im watchin this.

  • RasMike 3 years ago

    @LisaChuUK fuck u u dirty english whore

  • tpoc1 3 years ago

    What is the song???

  • Ziara2411 3 years ago

    Looks like ssomeones a little sexist, like I understand if she might have
    sleeves or a full back tattoo or something. But whe should have the right
    to express ourselves however we like.

  • Abigail Goetsch 3 years ago

    The Michael Jackson one was the best

  • RasMike 3 years ago

    @MinoritiesRlazy learn to spell before you call people stupid! You jackass!
    “rode”? You are as dumb as you screen name, racist pig!

  • electricfilmz 3 years ago

    @zacthebold 1:10

  • Savior Snow 3 years ago


  • MinoritiesRlazy 3 years ago

    tattoo im stupid that way you know 50 years down the rode why u got it
    (daniel tosh)

  • andytechnodude 3 years ago

    nice video, but why are there dudes? they weren’t hairy women were they O_o

  • William Heard 3 years ago

    #1 There’s dudes #2 Most of these tattoos aren’t really all that great or
    anything special.

  • LisaChuUK 3 years ago

    @easystar777 STFU albino trash!

  • Savior Snow 3 years ago

    Tattoo’s are an expression of the soul. Never marry a woman with a tattoo?
    Many tattoos have meaning. Personally, I want tattoos on my wrists, saying
    Beautiful Mistake, symbolizing the years of mistakes I’ve overcome. I was
    abused. Violently abused. And I want a reminder on my body saying I
    survived that. Sorry if that makes me undesirable for marriage. You’re
    comment is bullshit.

  • jakdaripher 3 years ago

    look at my tattoo video