Added by on August 22, 2013 Tribal tattoo pictures and body tattoos, ancient tribal tattoo pictures and celebrity tribal tattoos.



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  • Mike Tootall 3 years ago

    Angelina jolie is so damn sexy, got some major DSL’s! lol

  • dgdhqgdyukqud 3 years ago

    I also wanted to have one kinda the similar but still different b4 but whatevaaaa…

  • Flare Boy 3 years ago

    Alsome kinda like from Naruto and Naruto shippuden Sasuke’s curse mark 1:35

  • paynechristopher29 3 years ago

    very interesting post. Keep it up!

  • Gnahzian 3 years ago

    why does angelina jolie have all those text written on her body really ugly :S

  • oHoodie 3 years ago

    how calls the song/music ??

  • BrownFlip7852 3 years ago

    1:40 that one looked like it hurt

  • Dumka400 3 years ago

    pity 1:35 is a photoshop job

  • Sid ANSFNS 3 years ago

    1:40 looks sick im gonna get that 😛 so does 1:58

  • James Bradley 3 years ago

    wow! 1:35 is so cool

  • Eikonprietos 3 years ago

    me gusto mucho el tattoo 1:35, quiero hacerme un tribal en el brazo, mi duda es…en que se inspiro para hacer ese modelo y ese estilo…tendra algun significado?-

    sin duda alguna quiero un tribal, pero he podido elegir como…

  • phiota10 3 years ago


  • jumbow89 3 years ago

    1:35 is the best…

  • WALL45tech 3 years ago

    Nelly is such a tool…

  • XxhazardxX12345 3 years ago

    I have that one at 1:35 i first i thought it was going to be a little much but evey morning when i wake up it reminds me why i got it. It looks great and i get lots of compliments on it. Great Vid To 😀

  • PandaAteMyFace 3 years ago

    what’s the song???!!!!!!

  • jjaacckkaasss 3 years ago

    whats the song , please tell

  • jjaacckkaasss 3 years ago

    whats the music , please tell ?

  • h4l0h0l4 3 years ago

    asi venian en los chicles bazzoca en el 2000

  • Kálmán Kocsis 3 years ago

    Szuper tetkó 1:32!!!

  • bobdolesux321 3 years ago

    wow where can I get the one @ 1:35? xDD

  • WarMachine778641 3 years ago

    Getting that tattoe at 1:35 !! 🙂

  • Sascha Taurer 3 years ago

    uuur geil,der tribal auf der inken hand bis über die brust und darunter bis zum becken weiter!!!;-)

  • Sirynity 3 years ago

    Some pretty cool tattoos! Does anyone know the name of the song?