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Chris Garver of Miami Ink tattooes a magnificent japanese dragon.



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  • gustavo dib 3 years ago

    garver is god

  • NYItaliano89 3 years ago

    at 0:09 he should have just said i want the Typical Dragon tattoo spot, arm
    then goes to the chest. lol

  • jiden sobska 3 years ago

    Why would you bring the shittest “Rough” drawing to a tattoo artist, like

  • NYItaliano89 3 years ago

    @atheistraff Dragons come from China.

  • duzagrubapanda 3 years ago

    what a piece of shit 

  • firmechicano831 3 years ago

    I had one similar to this one done. Took 3 sittings , 4 hours each. Price
    was $1,350 but had a top tattoo artist do it.

  • April Barker 3 years ago

    It’s beautiful! I want little dragon on my forearm like that ^_^ So jealous

  • Glitchy Kremling 3 years ago

    I want it so bad.

  • fittungehorunge 3 years ago

    Dragons create fires, irony much?

  • Jarhead monk 3 years ago

    that is sickkk!

  • TastyDiarrhea 3 years ago


  • Megan Woods 3 years ago

    he does love it there 😀

  • whatthephokingheo 3 years ago

    im gonna get this 1 day

  • badbri t 3 years ago


  • Megan Woods 3 years ago


  • notoriusjv 3 years ago

    @1102071 Research my ass. Your idiotic ass probably visited the wrong
    source. Your mentally challenged you piece of shit.

  • cernz 3 years ago

    thumbs up if you thought what the guy had in mind was better LOL !

  • cooljack873 3 years ago


  • veniceee 3 years ago

    For an average tattooist here in Australia its around $700 a maybe
    2 … maybe 3 sittings if the tattooist isn’t super quick with their work.
    Thats just going off what I have had, but I think the going rate is
    generally 700 a day

  • divainstincts 3 years ago

    dayummm, I wonder how many hours went into this. Love it!

  • xdDRUMMKING 3 years ago

    anyone know how much that cost??

  • DM Battalion 3 years ago

    So the dragon is only suppose to go around once? What if you get it on your
    whole arm?

  • c0ndu 3 years ago

    HOOOOOLYYYYYYYYYY SHITTTT!! I WANT 1 p.s. any1 know how much did this1
    actually COST?(miami ink etc.)

  • any1 know how much a tat like this wud cost? its a beaut btw

  • Scott Piferrer 3 years ago

    What episode is this?

  • Brodie Coon 3 years ago

    at 0:37 he says age 37, pretty cool

  • Alexander Lee 3 years ago

    And about how long would it take?

  • Sahel Jade 3 years ago

    wow. if i ever get a dragon tattoo (which i really really want) i am
    DEFINITELY going to go to Garver. he is AMAZING. just….wow!

  • Patrick Carty 3 years ago

    i want that tattoo!!!!

  • Niche Meister 3 years ago


  • Amos Lee 3 years ago

    beautiful tattoo

  • TLJCBFH 3 years ago

    What does skincolour have to do with anything? racist prick.

  • atheist raff 3 years ago

    because dragons originated in japan i think?

  • GuitarRealmHD 3 years ago

    Waaaay more 😛 I’m getting a half-sleeve dragon done which will cost me
    like 1300 EUROS, not dollars. But on the other hand, it will be done by
    like the best tattoo studio in my country 😀

  • 1102071 3 years ago

    @notoriusjv dumb fuck yes you can, the long body dragon with scale form is
    a type vs the eurp one where the the have wings.

  • notoriusjv 3 years ago

    @1102071 Like you can tell the styles of dragons just because they swirl
    around his arm..smh. fuck out of here with your shitty lame ass.

  • Sharpguy rs 3 years ago


  • lucky44124 3 years ago

    Garver is the shit! Is there anyone better at Dragon Tattoos? Please let me
    know because he is the best ive seen…

  • Goodie Alfonso 3 years ago

    100$/hour in average shop… 300$++/hour in these kind of shops

  • don77frye 3 years ago

    Man CG is one of the best in the world. If you want the best you have to
    pay for the best!!

  • Wash Georgington 3 years ago

    that size, maybe 6 or 700 dollars. but if it’s from a prestigous artist
    like this one, it’s gonna be like a lottt more.

  • Anabel Roy 3 years ago

    So you see one white guy and say that they all are pathetic..Okay I shall
    say that all blacks are stupid ignorant fuckers. You mad bro?

  • manny festo 3 years ago


  • badbri t 3 years ago

    hahhahah stupid

  • firmechicano831 3 years ago

    I want this tattoo. My pussy rating with be off the scale.

  • troyCOOKIN 3 years ago

    Lol 00:45 -00:48