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  • waltermouthoh 2 years ago

    “A polarity always exists within the format of this ever-present energy,
    however it does not have to be present in the format of what you perceive
    as evil, dark forces. That opposite polarity is another subject. What you
    must understand is that what appears to be the opposite polarity in the
    experience of planet Earth is an aberration, a distorted use of this
    polarity in energy. It is the exception, not the norm.”

    “Are their deviations? Of course, but normally these are worked through in
    a supportive environment. It is rare that an individual must be returned to
    a lower dimension.”
    “The Dark Magicians”, purviancepyramid net

  • TAYLOR2131 2 years ago

    lol me to. xD

  • Japansepuppy2481 2 years ago

    That was amazing. He is really amazing at this whole magic trick thing.

  • Mark Wetmore 2 years ago

    wow. people leave retarded comments. whether it’s real or fake, it’s
    entertainment. if you don’t like what other people like, keep it to
    yourself. you’re only showing that you’re bitter and stupid with bad
    comments on a site to watch video clips. 😀

  • Brittany Rose 2 years ago

    i wish that i could meet him and have him give me one i would want his logo
    on me cause i have been a loyal since 2000

  • pinkydinkeydoo 2 years ago

    That isnt true he is a pro at magic!

  • Raymond Adams 2 years ago

    she already had it and he just rubbed the makeup that was covering it off

  • justonekissgoodnight 2 years ago

    There are real butterflies in my stomach every time I think of you! Sorry
    we never had the chance to become part of each others lifes in a Beautiful
    way!I’ll miss you!Criss.I’m just (not safe) anymore!

  • WazzzaaaBroadcasting 2 years ago

    AAAAAAAAAHHH she already had that tatoo watch very VERY closely

  • kkapoo 2 years ago

    mm eso se puede explicar como ke el tatuaje siempre estubo y lo unico ke
    iso fue retirar un papel ke lo cubria o una pintura color piel

  • Dylan Fleck 2 years ago

    wtf?!?!?!? speak english this isin’t the middle east

  • Elizabeth Rose 2 years ago


  • En Ny 2 years ago

    i totally agree with jujusaysso. it doesnt matter how he does that.its just
    fun to watch it! love CA <3

  • clownnumber123 2 years ago

    ok thank you, now can we just enjoy it? it’s obviously fake, all “magic” is
    but seriously, just watch and have fun.

  • Krysta Bolton 2 years ago


  • cekinxxx 2 years ago

    or a piece of fake skin on it and he just removed it

  • OnEnOnLyLooMi 2 years ago

    if that were the case where did the one in the case go and y isnt it still
    in his hands then cuz u can see them nice try tho. 🙂

  • lilcarbon408 2 years ago

    i agree

  • gregE312 2 years ago

    enjoy da fucking magic!!! if u dont beleave thows no reason 2 watch dumbass
    so how bout u shut the fuck up!

  • thedude0420 2 years ago

    yeah that “tatto” looks like it was done in the 90s rofl

  • 55661010510a 2 years ago

    ok get over it crappy fan!

  • xDancingDEADx 2 years ago

    I agree with jujusaysso too, it’s entertainment dudes, he’s showing us
    loads of amazing tricks.. & you guys just rewin it by explaining how he did
    it & shit.. It really is annoying! Just pack it in & enjoy what Criss Angel
    has to offer! He’s great at what he does.

  • guyincorner 2 years ago

    Lol she’s an actor… she’s had that tattoo for a year i bet… make-up ftw

  • xClauzeNNx 2 years ago

    I think I know how he did it. but how he move it from the frame, I don’t

  • tarkstar99 2 years ago

    I don’t understand? , there is a very obvious tv edit at 1.05 but they keep
    the same backround noise going on from the first section so it doesn’t
    jump. . in between the edits a make up artist puts the butterfly on the
    actress , wheres the magic in that?

  • GlaseDoughnut 2 years ago

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. Good Luck Revealing This Trick