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Jump links below! 0:58 – Explanation of DIY tats, professional tats, and color choices 2:10 – First tattoo – DIY “male” symbol on my ankle 2:48 – Second tatt…



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  • 『SHUN』 2 years ago

    I love the meaning behind each one of your tattoos! The significance of the
    handprint tattoo especially made me tear up a little; it’s such a unique
    Awesome video, love from England~!

  • skylarkeleven 2 years ago

    First of many FAQ videos to come! :)

  • ermoliwer 2 years ago

    love the story behind the handprint tattoo. I remember watching the Q&A
    video with your mum thinking how much of a perfect human being she seemed.

    thanks for sharing!

  • aypierre 2 years ago

    that last tattoo you were thinking of getting, you could get it on one side
    of your ribs like on the side below your armpit on the bottom of your ribs

  • rareflorence 2 years ago

    He is so gorgeous. Hot damn.

  • Well dang. I did not know this video was going to make me cry.

    And yes, the Skylark moment was a OH! Now I get it! Ha.

  • DuckWarrior13 2 years ago

    I know you’ve talked about some of your tattoos before and so I knew what
    the hand print was there for, but it’s still raining on my face hearing
    about it again.. :(

  • Lacey Kay 2 years ago

    *smiley face with heart eyes* loooove the new hair cut! I love how open and
    honest you always are. The tattoo of your mom’s hand is such an incredible
    concept…very cool idea x

  • leila nessar 2 years ago

    haha i love how the handprint is your moms but at first i thought it was
    for supernatural!

  • Nathan Mørkeberg Reece 2 years ago

    You think having your mothers hand tattooed was your idea?

  • FreakUsOut 2 years ago

    I really love you as a person and I am really proud of you!

  • LightEmberSpark 2 years ago

    The meanings behind your tattoos are so profound and unique. I appreciate
    the art of tattoos so much more when they help tell the story of a person’s
    life. I only have 1 tattoo that is connected to the loss of my twin
    brother. I’m like you in the sense that I like to put a lot of time and
    thought into planning a tattoo. I can’t wait to see when you get more of
    them. Great video, as always. 

  • Brian Gonzalez 2 years ago

    aww you are such a sweet person ;))) and very sexy if i might add :))))

  • hugo moctezuma 2 years ago

    i have one across my chest that reads “in god we trust” a dice tattoos in
    my leg, and im getting a california bear in my shoulder

  • Brent Braniff 2 years ago

    That was really beautiful. You had me near tears when you talked about your
    mother’s hand tattoo. What a great thought. You’re a beautiful guy. Now I
    have to dry my eyes a bit, I’m at the gym… Great video!

  • Meg Kirwan 2 years ago

    I like your brain 🙂 and you’re cute so win win.

  • Tom-Tom Holt 2 years ago

    I love the hand tattoo, it’s such a lovely idea and looks fantastic! 

  • i absolutely love the concept of your mom putting her arm around you and
    her handprint always there. so beautiful, damn. thanks for sharing 

  • Nick Steer 2 years ago

    They’re gorgeous tattoos 😀 I agree that all black looks nice, I have just
    black and blue for my tattoos

  • Heaven Barringer 2 years ago

    You could get the quote on your ribs or on your chest, like across your
    left or right pec.

  • Kei Expósito 2 years ago

    I love your tattoos. :)

  • Marlie Doolittle 2 years ago

    Your idea is not original. I knew someone over thirty years ago with the
    same thing, but with her husband’s hand print.

  • Alex Hughes 2 years ago

    I love your tattoos and the meanings behind them 🙂 

  • vanessa moran 2 years ago

    All of your tattoos are amazing!!

  • Boy I am. 2 years ago

    Great video mate Loved the stories behide all of your tats and I hope you
    have many more wonderful years with your mum, Much love and light Malachy.

  • moniica Xriveraz 2 years ago

    Sky I’ve been watching ur videos almost since day one
    & I find you , or realize for some reason on this video & the last couple
    you have upload.. How much have you grow & how solid/happy are you
    know ,, I just want you to know that you change the way I saw life.

  • paxman311 2 years ago

    Great video Skylar. I was so ready to hear about the rat tattoo. I’ve
    always been curious about it but I didn’t want to ask. My birth name is
    Haley Elizabeth 🙂 I’ve always loved Elizabeth I think bc it is my mothers
    middle name and my daughters. -Gabe

  • Kena Zibung 2 years ago

    ya I’m seventeen and I’m working on my third stick and poke and its on my
    thumb and ya it hurts so much, i love yours they’re pretty awesome.

  • Turizard 2 years ago

    you look like evan peters omg

  • Judith Sleator 2 years ago

    Did you know that seahorses have the ability to change their gender 🙂 

  • milli .v 2 years ago

    You put banksy artwrok on your arm, but dont want others to copy your
    handprint idea. i see it as a form of flattery! Love both tattoos

  • LESBIAN BABBLES 2 years ago

    I have always loved your hand tattoo but now knowing the story behind it
    makes me love it even more!!!

  • Kaz Winchester 2 years ago

    I kinda wondered if that tattoo had to do with supernatural as well,
    especially since it is in the same place. But the true story of your tattoo
    is so beautiful

  • Karine Indigo 2 years ago

    I love all your tattoos! They’re so organic. You’re so inspirational (and

  • tanya 2 years ago

    i fucking love you <3 lol 

  • shelby fox 2 years ago

    You have really great tattoos! I love hearing the meaning behind people’s
    tattoos. Your hair turned out really good, you look very handsome:) Have a
    good day! And thank-you for always being an inspiration to me. I love you

  • Forge_Joke 2 years ago

    Do you have any pictures of when you were little?

  • unLargoEtcetera 2 years ago

    I’m planning to get my first tattoo this year. It has a very deep meaning
    for me, since it’ll represent one of my best friends who died two years
    ago. And because I’ll get other of my best friends to design and tattoo it
    (he’s a graphic designer and tattoo artist), so I’m very excited about it.
    Too bad my parents are not exactly happy with the idea (they dislike
    tattoos, piercings and those things), but well… I’m 24 years old, so I
    don’t really need their permission.

    Your tattoos are awesome! Just as you are.


  • WalkingIntoTheSunset 2 years ago

    I love love love the ideas for both the hand print and the tree rings!
    Tattoos should always be well thought out and meaningful. Beautiful tattoos
    for a beautiful person, thank you for sharing.

  • Caroline M 2 years ago

    The Skylark tattoo is my favorite (:

  • Anchor Fil 2 years ago

    You are probably my biggest inspiration, Skylar!

  • Andrea S 2 years ago

    I really like your tattoos, you should definetly make a video next time you
    go get another one and vlog the moment you are getting it 🙂 

  • DAVErsusMe 2 years ago

    I loved to hear the story behind all of your tattoes 😀
    BUT..I HAVE to say this.. “Ancora imparo” is actually italian. (I am
    italian, you can trust me :P). Those exact words in latin would mean
    something like “odd anchor” just so you know :D