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  • Insertnamehere Miyahara 3 years ago

    “It’s only us that keep Google+ alive!” I died when you said that! XD Love
    you guys!

  • YoDownShadow 3 years ago

    Lol the guy with the white t-shirt looks like my history teacher ^_^

  • Nandemo Guy 3 years ago

    A King must delegate to his subjects

  • omly85 3 years ago

    America is a constitutional Republic not a democracy.

  • SantomPh 3 years ago

    how is she a weeaboo? she does not qualify at all.

  • Alex Stratis 3 years ago

    thats my word

  • crisislord00 3 years ago

    Victor put your spiderman costume on

  • FunnyMassaka 3 years ago


  • Ray Renard 3 years ago

    there is a Jp word おっぱい星人

  • MivMusseStudios 3 years ago

    It sounds so sexy when Vitor says ;”mmmmm”

  • Mince Tomorrow 3 years ago

    ぜったい に いかせます is my favorite japanese phrase

  • omly85 3 years ago

    Vic..are you feeling OK?

  • PeachKing11 3 years ago

    I woke up so early for this Victor

  • Guy Tea 3 years ago


  • FunnyMassaka 3 years ago

    what time is it in japan ^^?

  • Jona Kun 3 years ago

    What about the Kobe event info?

  • vanakenstreet 3 years ago

    guys, please talk about this government shutdown in the US!

  • Kalie J 3 years ago

    I love these videos they are great to just play in the background and
    listen while I can get some cleaning done

  • lauwie Zalme 3 years ago

    whats up with america evryone is saying america is a mess but whats happend
    i dont live in usa you know..

  • Yakyu Night Owl 3 years ago

    Thanks gentlemen.

  • Tokyo Sonata 3 years ago

    I go through periods of liking some words more than others and then
    changing my mind too, a couple of words I like now are 真剣 and 月 but my
    current favourite (which I only learned recently) is 悪口

  • killerkirschencat 3 years ago

    Aber lernt auf jeden FAll japanisch!

  • kanadajin3 3 years ago

    Aww I missed it

  • Ray Renard 3 years ago

    Ah, maybe a wrong joker. There was a gaijin with the profile photo of joker
    left a comment at one of my YT videos.

  • DashiSmash 3 years ago

    isn’t that the theme-tune for Tkyosam’s main channel?

  • Amada Gajin 3 years ago

    限界 = genkai = limit

  • Aaron Liu 3 years ago

    thanks for starting off my day