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Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon “Mark of the Four Waves” A contemporary tribe that is preserving the traditional tattoo culture of the Philippines which was vanishing …



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  • Samoa MoSamoa 3 years ago

    THESE ARE REAL FILIPINO TATTS. I see way too many Filipinos where I live
    rocking Samoan/Hawaiian pretty much Poly tats and claiming it’s Filipino. I
    try to explain to them it’s not but that Filipinos do actually have their
    own tattoos that are awesome too and look somewhat the same! Nice work tho

  • JeSuisLierre 3 years ago

    I don’t know how to feel about this. I understand the preservation aspect.
    After all these are peaceful(ish?) times. Those who want the tattoos has no
    invading foes to fight. (Although if China decides to be an ass, that may
    just change. But that’s for a different forum).I just wished they would
    apply the ink old school style – with an orange thorn and ash. This way not
    only the art is preserved, but also the process. The receiver can also
    marvel at the knowledge thousands of brave men before him has shared his

  • Fontoker66 3 years ago

    I’m from the Bontoc tribe in the Mountain Province. Amang Red kinda looks
    like he’s from a Bontoc descend (just assuming). Can you confirm if how
    many, or any of you are from the Mountain Province?

  • kik 3 years ago

    wala bang free design jan? upper luzon tribe!

  • JamesCarlos88 3 years ago

    @nenabunena You dont need to lecture me man I studied Philippine history. I
    even have pics of tattooed Mindanao tribal people. I know people get
    tatooed at a specific age to signify manhood or acceptance in the tribe.

  • Mattkerry211 3 years ago

    this is badass shit

  • fluxMayhem 3 years ago

    @AusPhilOutsourcing let me know if you find any sources, im interested as

  • ronisworld1 3 years ago

    Love it, specially the wooden statues. Wish it had more air time. And an
    easy and direct way to contact the founders of your group, not going
    through your agents. Sadly, they seem to misinterpret me always, big time.
    Anyways, more power, really em a big fun of your group here in PI. I’am
    also really planning to learn how to tattoo next year, and would like to
    specialized in our traditional tattoo. I also love visiting your website,
    again, thank you for your time making the video. ingat!

  • nenabunena 3 years ago

    part2: if u gave yourself these tattoos w/o the discipline & skill that our
    forefathers had 2 endure 2 acquire such a privilege of marking urself, then
    they lose their symbolic meaning & is relegated 2 nothing more than a
    shallow decor. reviving old traditions means understanding & respecting the
    context & meaning behind it, not use it as senseless decors. it’s like all
    these foreigners tattoing themselves in some native tribal tattoo w/o
    knowing/earning the privilege of said tattoo.

  • JamesCarlos88 3 years ago

    @nenabunena well no matter how we put it Pinoys are known for being brave
    no matter what tribe or language. Still their sole purpose is to revive the
    old tradition. I kind of agree and disagree. But since 99% of tattoos done
    these days are to boost self esteem Its not really my business. If I did
    get tribal tattoo I cant argue that I wasnt a Headhunter but just a
    fascinated fan of it. PEACE

  • Barumbado KRIMINAL 3 years ago

    Philippines is composed of archipelago & islands….in every island
    different tribes… every tribes has different design kuz it represent from
    what tribe u belong? even same tribe has different category & style kuz it
    depends on your status… let say if your a warrior u have diff. symbol
    than a freeman or another.. & an even if ur both warriors still there’s a
    difference kuz it depends how many u’ve killed. …. it’s up to u which
    tribe u select & make the best research….

  • nenabunena 3 years ago

    @JamesCarlos88 I think you have a wrong assumption here, it wasn’t only
    headhunters who donned tattoos, many other filipino ethnic groups had
    tattoos of their own, it wasn’t only the igorots or mountain tribes. Again,
    an example was the Bisayan region who were called ‘the pintados’ by
    spaniards when they 1st beheld them. presentation is also vital in
    delivering a message & spirit of old traditions. tattooing also signified
    discipline & a skill.

  • plus24seven 3 years ago

    may tanong ako saan galing bayong Armor sa 0:23 ???

  • wil skinner 3 years ago

    ok – 3 years ive beens earchign online for somethign like this – so, as a
    foreigner where can i can go to see traditional true pre-colonial filipino
    culture, art, tatoo and possibly get tatoo

  • Daniel Bean Films 3 years ago

    Love it man! I love the camera angles (low angles on statues, moving
    camera), editing (pacing is nice, it has a good flow, it’s tight and
    doesn’t ramble), choice of music. The colors are vibrant, I like the stuff
    you did in Motion. I love the “A Dale Kamp Short” on the leaf at the end.
    (how’d you do that?) Very well done, man. I give it 5 stars.

  • AusPhilOutsourcing 3 years ago

    Where can I find more and also correct information of the styles and
    regions and meanings? do you have a website u could reccomend?

  • Akire Ferris 3 years ago

    When we were first colonized, before we were called the Philippines, we
    were called island of the painted people…tattoos and body art were and
    integral part of the culture. It’s an art form, not a taboo. I will
    probably get one of my arms done once I have found a design that is
    meaningful to me and who I am. Thanks for posting.

  • nenabunena 3 years ago

    The type of tattoo & position indicates not only which tribe but also the
    value or the achievement a person has achieved. So you need to research
    these different facets to suit what it is you wish. Also, be sure that it
    is genuine Filipino tattoos, not tattoos stolen from polynesians like the
    maoris. There is a short article that summarizes this on FMAPULSE & also a
    good book on Filipino tattooing: “Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern” by
    Lane Wilcken

  • bobby heron 3 years ago

    I want that tats

  • moatwog 3 years ago


  • KatDenna01 3 years ago

    I love our tats. They’re like polynesian but have a distinctive flair.

  • CharDominguez2 3 years ago

    I love that girls leg tattoo!!

  • nenabunena 3 years ago

    Tattooing is characteristic of every Austronesian society, as well as head
    hunting – of course one culture will give up 1 cultural trait if there was
    an incentive. Ie. Most austronesians nowadays no longer practice tattooing,
    & certainly not headhunting anymore. Even Taiwanese aboriginals had
    tattooing traditions, it wasn’t limited to the Visayans. Ie. Tagalogs are
    technically Visayans who moved to the north, just fyi

  • aznyoungstr 3 years ago

    i know Visayans are the pintados but Tagalogs? since when did they practice
    tattooing? i havent seen any Tagalog tribal tattoos

  • daily driver 3 years ago

    respect and honor the ancestors from p.i. to the states … i am 1 of 10 of
    the original the mark of the four wavesman and proud to revive the art,
    culture, tattoos & charisma of mamma philippines!! all is love

  • nenabunena 3 years ago

    i think for better effect, those who are truly inspired by indigenous
    filipino tatoos, should perhaps go to the gym or exercise a bit to better
    show off their tats. did you know that in many filipino societies like the
    tagalogs & visayans, though they had the open shirts to wear during
    prehispanic times, they preferred being bare chested bec it showed of their
    tats & muscled chest. it doesn’t have the same effect when guys have pot
    bellies or are wiry thin, they don’t look like warriors

  • syntaxengot000 3 years ago

    saludo! looking forward for more updates ffrom you.

  • Daniel Bean Films 3 years ago

    LOL that’s awesome man. That’s the best way to learn, is just keep using it!

  • thecityalive 3 years ago

    I’m Filippino and proud!

  • Mr2012883 3 years ago

    Good job fellas..

  • promaNveloci 3 years ago

    Nice. 🙂

  • killamike72 3 years ago

    What site can I go to, to get ideas and meanings for ah Filipino tattoo?

  • 312979drpepperjuggal 3 years ago

    Filipino proud

  • nenabunena 3 years ago

    @JamesCarlos88 true but i think these guys above were going after the
    ‘warrior effect’ – the pintados known in the bisayan region

  • Leo Cagape 3 years ago

    Wow this was considered as taboo in the Hispanic era, the conquistador?
    This is a great presentation including the tribal music.

  • halfthrottle 3 years ago

    Those were some epic tattoo’s.

  • happybluesea 3 years ago

    for art’s sake,yeah sure those patterns looks nice. but to us these tattoos
    are really sacred!

  • Jill Fitze 3 years ago

    very nice:) where can i find this map from 0:46min.?

  • TheMattEnri 3 years ago

    Google Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon

  • VINTONGFX 3 years ago

    you guys are the best please spread! we still have this spanish mentality
    that tattoo is bad!

  • moatwog 3 years ago

    What is the music?

  • KandiceCane85 3 years ago

    Gonna post this.