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Is it body art, or a proud display of organized crime connections? In Japan, full-body tatooing rises from dubious origins to artform. See All National Geogr…



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  • Craig Johnson 3 years ago

    Lebronfanfifa – it is not a pot leaf. It is a Japanese maple leaf.

  • kikyou88 3 years ago

    @sinkbelow True. Actually I WANT to have part of this cuz this is sooo
    beautiful, but… you know? Oh my… I just hate yakuza…

  • ChIcAnO2111 3 years ago

    whats the point of getting a tatoo there going to smear in 15 years and
    look like shit

  • salvatore stephen Enario 3 years ago


  • sinkbelow 3 years ago

    @kikyou88 Japanese traditional tattoo is not for yakuza. Japanese fire
    fighters were getting full-sleve tattoo long time ago. again it is not the
    symbol of Yakuza but it is true that most ppl think like tattoo = Yakuza.
    thats my problem coz i can even go to swimming pool in Japan. I would get
    kicked out…

  • pellepaska100500 3 years ago

    I believe that when they said that those kinds of tattoos are associated
    with Yakuza, walking out in the open showing them around without being a
    member will get you noticed and you will pay the price for imposing.

  • mofokinTeddy 3 years ago

    i saw this being done at japans booth at musink this year it was pretty
    cool..there was always a crowd watching

  • LemurPhilipp 3 years ago

    fuckin sick !

  • mckricks1 3 years ago

    insane tattoo method

  • Rick Thomas 3 years ago

    I’m planning on getting one hopefully this week I’ve been planning it for
    about 2yrs now I can’t wait

  • fylindance fylindance 3 years ago

    yakuza ^^!

  • Jacob Mothershed 3 years ago

    @ChIcAnO2111 What’s the point of posting a stupid comment that no one
    really cares to hear?

  • Pai Akk 3 years ago

    หรอย วะ

  • Harry Saunders 3 years ago

    thats pathetic. kys

  • sinkbelow 3 years ago

    @sinkbelow I mean CAN’T

  • TK931112 3 years ago


  • warlordgold 3 years ago

    @MrBewbie got one 😉 aha

  • milton sanders 3 years ago


  • Anoniempjea 3 years ago

    @adderguy6 When you’re 70 you don’t care anymore about that stuff. Your old
    and ugly when you’re old

  • wonderlandsexxx 3 years ago

    Imy bro got some of this tattoo and it is really pretty than american
    tattoo bc the one needle tattoo fade the colo away faster and some artist r
    really bad at drawing bc this artist r really well train for it Im think of
    geting one when i get to 23

  • phil tate 3 years ago

    @TheMarcel400 IDIOT !!!!!

  • TheRulaBaby 3 years ago

    w8 a minute michael scoffield?

  • Super Hitler 3 years ago

    It’s just opinions, his appears to differ from yours

  • you222ber 3 years ago

    Wouldn’t the Yakuza get really upset if they saw a non Yakuza wearing one
    of their patterns or symbols?

  • Betty Liem 3 years ago

    I would miss seeing my skin.