Added by on August 22, 2013,, The SullenTV crew went to Cincinnati, OH for the Gambling Rose Tattoo Convention Presented b…



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  • blastfamy915 3 years ago


  • bassist862 3 years ago

    ok im a noobie, so dumb question, when you get tattooed by people at a show you still have to pay correct.

  • superduperjette 3 years ago

    @exlexoliver the song is called banani by psymun …lol i had to do alot of digging

  • superduperjette 3 years ago

    Wats that instrumental called tho all i know its from Psymun

  • exlexoliver 3 years ago

    SullenTv pls tell me what is the name of the song played in this video Sullen Art Collective at Magic Summer 2012 in Las Vegas?????? I go med for it! pls I would pay forit man 🙁

  • ubaldohigareda 3 years ago

    Love this channel

  • RNPrepperDad 3 years ago

    Love the choice in music!!!

  • slowregal 3 years ago

    I’m super bummed I had to miss out on this after planning for awhile. Thanks for uploading these videos!

  • Jeremy Hanna 3 years ago

    Some amazing artists on this one!

  • samtattooargentina 3 years ago