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Hey guys, so this video was inspired by my latest tattoo that I started on a few days ago. I hadn’t been tattooed in about 2 years so I started to think abou…



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  • WznUDn 3 years ago

    who does ur tattoos?!

  • Jakarta1181 3 years ago

    Hey good advice I’m thinking of having my first tattoo next month. Places to check in Europe try uk Sheffield that’s were I come from, nice city, good night life, places to see n also shopping! Check it out! Thanks

  • Eveliina Häggqvist 3 years ago

    Best survival guide for tattooing I’ve seen so far, good job! 🙂
    And I agree on everything, I wish I would have been able to watch this video before I got my first tattoo 🙂

  • captainjess17 3 years ago

    i love how you call it the ‘survival guide’

  • Austin Bless 3 years ago

    did you do any research on your tattoo artist before you got it done?

  • Austin Bless 3 years ago

    Thanks! I’ll post a video response to this when it gets done, I’m going to use your tips while I’m there!

  • ImSnugalicious 3 years ago

    The way you pronounce “tattoo” makes me smile.

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Good imagination

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Shit sorry to hear that man. Hope you can get it fixed

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Yeah its probably not the best if its going to make you hypo and not sit still haha but better than nothing I guess

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Hmmm I’m not sure about that one. Sorry

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago


  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Cheers now worries

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    haha never released I said it differently until after reading all of the comments

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Cheers for the advice

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    No worries man. Hope the tattoo goes smooth for ya. Thanks for the comment

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Thanks :)

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Awesome man

  • Austin Bless 3 years ago

    so I’m getting my first tattoo on my right arm. I’m getting a sleeve eventually, but because of school and cost and stuff like that, I am only able to get half of it done at the moment. I’m getting so excited!

  • MrDuckyJ 3 years ago

    see a doctor

  • nenaasarah 3 years ago

    Such a cute accent.

  • TomGF7 3 years ago

    I have a rib tattoo next week. It’s my first tattoo and yeah… I’m kinda shitting it right now haha. Cheers for the upload and the great tips.

  • eliselol85 3 years ago

    Go to Salzburg, salzburg city in Austria and in Germany Mainz and Wiesbaden

  • metalsk81 3 years ago


  • maximuspr1 3 years ago


  • BFCwarrior 3 years ago

    Thanks alot 🙂 very helpful

  • clawdeenwolflovesyou 3 years ago

    Just imaging Freddy Krueger killing you

  • Clari Martinez 3 years ago

    Good tips thanks :)

  • nick vanderveen 3 years ago

    what would u recomend for a diabetic

  • Hailey Scriven 3 years ago

    Would an energy drink be ok?

  • ryan maiese 3 years ago

    i got my first tattoo a couple weeks ago. the guitar like i think i said in a previous comment. so anyway, she fucked up the shading; currently being fixed. now i have noticed there are only 5 strings. therefore i say, i am sticking to henna.

  • Candace Robinson 3 years ago

    You sound like an Australian Larry the Cucumber to me.

  • GoldGraffitiKing 3 years ago

    it doesnt hurt as much as people think it does, picture a pin poking you really fast.. thats really warm !

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Haha not a good idea 😉

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Good job. What did you get?

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Hmmm its hard to say really. All depends on you. Over the bone seems to be the place that most people think hurts but places like under your arm and side of your butt were pretty painful for me.

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    No worries. Glad it helped out

  • TheStyleDogg 3 years ago

    Thanks 🙂