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This is autumn getting stars tattoed on the back of her neck. It was done at Widows Mark Tattoo in Connecticut. She said that it didn’t hurt as bad as she th…



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  • Myannah Spencer 3 years ago

    I went with my cousin to get her first tattoo when she was 13 and she said
    it hurts but she got used to it she has 17 now and she’s 18 now

  • themadhatter10771 3 years ago

    im 13 and i got all my tattoos already planned tribal whale(sounds a little
    weird but it probably exists) reinvent <3 forever and eternity and the
    superman symbol

  • kabaara 3 years ago

    One of the biggest misconceptions about tattoos is the fact that it NEEDS
    some kind of sentimental value behind it. You don’t need to have a whole
    story to justify your reasons for getting a tattoo… Sometimes you just
    want to get it because it looks beautiful or cool….

  • MrPERPS 3 years ago

    thank god they aren’t on her face; 0

  • LoveValentinee 3 years ago

    thats really cute on you

  • nicolelovesjaybee 3 years ago

    im getting this when i get older (y)

  • Alexis Tousant 3 years ago

    This is rhianna’s tattoo sweetie and you know that. I understand mimicking
    someone’s hair style or fashion even, but you mimicked someone’s unique
    idea of a tattoo. Wow! LOL

  • Heily Gavrilova 3 years ago

    Was it really hurts ? :S

  • Kristen Milhone 3 years ago

    How long did this take you

  • lonbites 3 years ago

    wanna fuck? hahah jp. nice comment!

  • ObeyMyMonkey 3 years ago

    @themadhatter10771 fag

  • brattyvallies 3 years ago


  • grippedbyfear 3 years ago

    Everyone and their mother has star tattoos. Way to be original.

  • Andrea García 3 years ago

    The same, yes.

  • julianne r 3 years ago

    everyone is always like omg omg tattoos need to be originial. it has to
    have meaning. as long as you like. that is it. nothing else matters.

  • ObeyMyMonkey 3 years ago

    @themadhatter10771 fag

  • Erick Garro 3 years ago

    Nice song! 😛

  • themadhatter10771 3 years ago

    @ObeyMyMonkey Thanks,Bitch

  • PlayBoyBarbieeBaybee 3 years ago

    Im getting my 3rd tattoo done going down my spine for my 16th birthday gift
    , Im really nervous though

  • Jay Suave 3 years ago

    as long as she like it neck tatts are the worst she earned that tatt.

  • MsShawtii91 3 years ago

    hey its rhianna INK!!! lol stealer ! lmao nah looks mad, good on ya chica

  • hasbor 3 years ago

    whats the point ?

  • Michelleyboo18 3 years ago

    I must not have seen it when I made the comment. Oops. Oh well.

  • Krista Kuppenbender 3 years ago

    well aren’t you a trooper, 😛 hurt more as he went up, didn’t it? i thought
    mine was going to be easy. thought i was going to throw up once she got to
    around my hair.

  • Megan Yandell 3 years ago

    I literally saw a women who walked into my work with this same exact tat
    today, lol

  • Taylor Small 3 years ago

    wait.. doesn’t rhianna have that same tattoo?

  • Betty V 3 years ago

    Original or not, it’s a pretty tattoo and if it makes you happy, that’s all
    that freaking matter. People need to chill out with their rude comments.

  • Ashley Malik 3 years ago

    It hurts … I just got mine done yesterday… On the bones ow damn :s

  • AmeKiyaru 3 years ago

    @TheDarkSideofHer Not really – especially if your tattoo artist is hot and
    sits very close to your back… ^^

  • RylieJaye397 3 years ago

    That’s why there’s a top comment saying “how original.”

  • ICONicBoyz2100 3 years ago

    @MrsWLSIII It’s a damn star you idiot. Rhianna probably got that from
    someone else too smart one!!!!

  • TheTdwpforever 3 years ago

    i’m getting an alfred chicken tattoo on my left lower neck. beast feast!

  • RecklessDiamond 3 years ago

    @MrsSGriffiths No It Dont Im 16 Got A Big Tattoo On My Back Took 2 Hours
    Doesnt Hurt That Bad Only On When They Get To The Top Of Your Back

  • MrsSGriffiths 3 years ago

    Did it seriously hurt that much?

  • Michelleyboo18 3 years ago

    Doesn’t Rihanna have a tattoo like this?

  • kirstie g 3 years ago

    star tattoos look cheap, unoriginal and shit

  • TOPBANANAHD1 3 years ago

    the outline is nout its the filling that hurts

  • JonetteTV 3 years ago

    really original lol…

  • cjay606 3 years ago

    well i thought she took it like a champ.

  • NoSpokenWordHere 3 years ago

    I never made a face when they did mine. :3 I actually felt turned on, by
    the pinch and vibration. Weird, huh? Oh, my bad.

  • I lovefuzzycreatures :3 3 years ago

    LMFAO @ ur comment! ^ XD

  • brattyvallies 3 years ago


  • kateseesstars 3 years ago

    this is where i’m getting my first tattoo next month, so nervous about it

  • Robyn 3 years ago

    Haha my cousin got the superman symbol on her lower back! I think it was
    her first, she said it was a bit sore but nothing you can’t handle

  • jeffsitoslash stick 3 years ago

    telo hubieras hecho mas grande te ubiera quedado lindo pero como medas
    lastima te voy adicir que seteve bien

  • tyjdytdjythj 3 years ago

    ._. what is life….

  • prineauj 3 years ago

    How much did it cost?