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Oliver Peck aka “Ducky” needs little introduction ever since he joined the judging panel on the hit Spike TV tattoo competition Ink Master, but this guy’s be…



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  • assmonster666 3 years ago

    the man that put up with Kat von d’s crap!!

  • Jared Moomaw 3 years ago

    He had a bad chewing gum addiction when he was a kid, he started using the
    toothpick to break away from it because it was affecting his jaw and teeth
    in a negative way. Everyone has their own quirk. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  • Tea' John 3 years ago

    I enjoy his honesty.

  • assmonster666 3 years ago

    Is this true?? I cant find any answers to it online. just very unusual..

  • Aaron Teague 3 years ago

    I love oliver man! i wanna get tatted by him.

  • brightblack george 3 years ago

    maybe u could talk clearer without lisping if u took that wood out of ur
    mouth. You look stoooooopid, stupid.

  • BringThekidSomePunch 3 years ago

    I draw but my precision is pretty straight

  • brightblack george 3 years ago

    what the $%&… are ur teeth that full of crap that u always need a
    toothpick? u look stupid with that in ur face. it attracts attention to ur
    stupid skinny face. Grow up kiddo

  • niagp72 3 years ago

    I dislike him but he’s an amazing artist

  • Mad Mitten 3 years ago

    i love oliver peck

  • Emily Currier 3 years ago

    To get a breautiful American Traditional from him is my dream, omfg. <3

  • gohstdog23 3 years ago

    This dude is cool, but that stupid ass tooth pic , oh that guy with the
    youth pic kind of thing .

  • 521musicfreak 3 years ago

    he tattooed my artist, the tattoo sucked, idk, maybe it was just a bad day

  • Clayton Alexander 3 years ago

    How much does Oliver peck charge?