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  • Ruben Delira 3 years ago


  • Ritziiii 3 years ago

    You are awesome, thank you so much for doing this ! 

  • Rico Dionichi 3 years ago

    I’m not gonna lie…. when I first saw this “How To….Tattoo” video I was
    like “uh-oh”……
    But this actually seems like very sound advice!
    Seems like a great tip and great way to practice.
    kudos from Miami homie.

  • Aace Inkkz 3 years ago

    Ur a fuckin genius~!!

  • Sammy Russell 3 years ago

    Thanx for sharing this

  • James Miner 3 years ago

    You rule

  • David Thomas 3 years ago

    much thanks bro

  • RAVEN Ink 3 years ago

    what a great video I enjoyed watching it thanks for your help and shareing
    and ill give it a go thanks again

  • Andrew Mckinstrie 3 years ago

    get well man. after you beat that shit you should come out to nj. my boss
    says you got a booth whenever you wanna check out our neck of the woods.

  • Chris Blizard 3 years ago

    My dude…. Dont take your shit off of facebook because of some dick heads!

  • tv76g 3 years ago

    Johnny G , your the fuck’n man!! Thank you and your Bro for that tip, this
    is going to help a lot !! THANK YOU!! FUCK THE HATTERS!!!

  • Fred Garcia 3 years ago

    In able to have clean lines it has to be a 90 degree angle. At a 40 you
    will get blown out lines or bad healing. Over all good practice tips. Props
    homie . God bless you !!

  • Jason Gible 3 years ago

    I would say most are mad that you teach anyone. If you checked there art
    first and seen they have a passion at least and want this as a career maybe
    it would be different. I enjoy your videos regardless if your working in a
    real shop or not. Keep rocking out John, don’t sweat the haters too much.


  • thh420 3 years ago

    this is so much better than the brick with a pencil duct taped to it, that
    the guys i was apprenticed to made me practice with.

  • mumforddale1 3 years ago

    thanks alot johnny for the info !

  • Chuco Perez 3 years ago

    Love it man. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Travis Q 3 years ago

    AWESOME genius idea Johnny, thank you so much for sharing with the
    community, you truly are a great dude. Like many said before, fuck the
    haters, there’s a lot of people who really benefit from your teachings and
    videos, I’ve improved myself drastically since before I subscribed to you.
    Thank you again Johnny, be safe and hope your doin good.

  • Payaso Mondragon 3 years ago

    Fuck those haters bro !!! ima scratcher in La junta Co and i’ve been
    watching your vids there some of the best and most inspiring here on
    youtube ! thanks for the vids bro !

  • solow03181 3 years ago

    Dude, you are awesome! I hope you will get well soon! Fuck them haters!

  • Jon Cam 3 years ago

    i did this the first time before i even started one for 2 weeks.
    funny but i got this idea just because i figured they ised bic pens in jail
    so i placed the same set up on my machine .lol this is so wierd watching

  • Michael Endres 3 years ago

    nice tip. i use a ‘M” sized faber castell PITT in a similar setup (without
    the gorilla grip). The PITT makes you move slower as the ink is not
    flowwing as quickly as on others. and it makes an inconsistent line on skin
    if the angle is too low. But i will give your setup a shot.seems valid.
    Your videos are ace and i enjoyed the station setup a lot. Hope you will
    get some more views on your channel.
    Have Fun.

  • John Bautista 3 years ago

    Love your work ink on bro I’m an artist to what’s your iron of choice 

  • Eric B 3 years ago

    You gotta get on twitter. An post shot on there. So we can go after these
    haters too. I’ll tell a few people to fuck off for ya dude. No prob. 

  • Joseph Weller Myer 3 years ago

    dude, you kick ass

  • shawn marsden 3 years ago

    Fantastic learning tool, I have pretty clean lines but aways am looking for
    different practice techniques to improve my skills. Thanks for sharing some
    secrets and fuck those haters. I found you by fluke and done regret it your
    very knowledgeable and some of.your videos. Will correct sure be valuable.
    Thanks again

  • Zulay Aristigueta 3 years ago

    Such a great idea! I think that keep doing the videos is a great way for
    you to help your own health. Helping other is such a amazing way to live.
    Keep going!!!! :))) 

  • Will Kehle 3 years ago

    hey johnny what stencil paper do you recommend?

  • concretefeet1 3 years ago

    Great video man!!! Middle finger up to those haters 🙂 

  • Gallitopcr8 3 years ago

    My nigga clap clap props

  • Daveis E. R. Bey 3 years ago

    Pretty fucking genius dude. However, I’ve had blowouts in the past from
    pushing lines at such an angle. Now my angle is damn near 90 deg. to avoid
    that. Thoughts?…