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Tattoos inevitably lead to some level of pain or discomfort. Here’s a video with tips for managing tattoo pain after you’ve had one done. Check out http://ow…



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  • Dani H. 3 years ago

    I’m getting my first tattoo this saturday, relatively big on my rib. Any
    tips? I’m pretty skinny p:

  • Brooke McQuown 3 years ago

    So I am getting my first tattoo on my spine. Is there anything I should
    know about pain in that particular area?

  • Karli Pfeifer 3 years ago

    That really helpful Thanks 

  • Candice Bell 3 years ago

    what if u dont get used to the pain with ur first tattoo??

  • michael zuniga 3 years ago

    pffttt pain, what pain i sat there like nothing was going on, i didnt feel
    pain until the skin was raw hour n 10 mins later 

  • fall asleep? who the hell fall asleep getting a tattoo thats impossible

  • Silverado4x4 3 years ago

    My artist actually warned me of the blood sugar drop possibility during our
    consult day before and told me to bring a soda or something with sugar in
    it in case of this problem. Just curious I know it varies on persons pain
    tolerance on speed of tattoo getting done but roughly how long did that
    back piece at 1:10 take to do or was it something that took multiple
    sittings? Also if your doing tattoo that takes multiple sittings is it
    better practice for someone to tip you little each sitting or just give you
    big tip at the end of it? 

  • David Wahlstrom 3 years ago

    “how To”, ……..Don’t be a pussy!

  • DJ Muzic 3 years ago

    what about eating during a tattoo

  • Tony Morris 3 years ago

    im having a 6 hour session on 21st march not looking forward to it lol

  • richardmilk 3 years ago

    Yep, I got a bit light headed at the beginning of my first tattoo, but as
    this dude says, it´s only in the first 10-15 minutes. After a little pause
    to sip some water and bend the head down, you are good to go till the end
    with no problems.

  • TheLastSpartan04 3 years ago

    step 1: dont be a pussy

  • julia kolb 3 years ago

    I’m pretty sure tattoos hurt less than braces. I just got some new brackets
    in for my braces today, and my mental swear run through is getting
    progressively more creative as the night goes on. Anyone got any advice for
    how to fall asleep when you entire mouth HURTS? 

  • LadyMalys 3 years ago

    Okay so I have a few tattoos some small some big ,I’m going in for my chest
    piece today and as for preparation just go for this:
    Make sure you eat a while before getting it done
    Take water with you (if you are doing a long sitting)
    Take some headphones or something to concentrate on ,that won’t make you
    move much preferably haha
    And Concentrate on your breathing 🙂

    As for small tattoos for the first tattoos ,I’ve found if you go big first
    then you can expect less if you go smaller for the second 🙂 

  • spaghettihead1234 3 years ago

    I still have to get my upper back finished…I sat through the outline but
    it dam near killed me. I was literally crying like a f’n baby. I have large
    tattoos on other parts of my body but for some reason I can’t handle the
    back and I’m petrified to go get it finished. Whar is your opinion on
    numbing agents such as bactine etc….?

  • Nicoline Bacalso 3 years ago

    does having a tattoo on calf hurts?

  • btd96 3 years ago

    Okay when you get your tattoo, it’s all going to depend on your
    pain-tolerance. Im 16 and got my first tattoo in June. Didnt feel bad at
    all, yes there was some pain but nothing unbearable. Even the day after,
    it felt like i didnt even get a tattoo done. It’s just gonna depend on
    your pain tolerance.

  • Alex Espinoza 3 years ago

    Im getting my first one in a couple days, i hope its not soo bad

  • marnie mcconnell 3 years ago

    I am an ex dialysis patient and I used the ‘self safe hypnosis’ technique I
    learned during then for my first (4 1/2 hour) tattoo.
    Definately deep breathing and putting your mind in a different place helps

  • zigzagg321321 3 years ago

    People say calf or legs in general don’t hurt. I have my entire calf
    covered and it hurt so badly that I almost didn’t go back for the finishing

  • Ken Jaquez 3 years ago

    Can you drink water when your finished

  • Amy Foreman 3 years ago

    Thanks man! So pumped about getting mine. Is it just me or do all tattoo
    artists seem really nice?

  • maklobrdnck88 3 years ago

    I did, so go ahead. if you can handle a little irritation then its no
    problem, it all lies on how you manage it

  • Taylor Hicks 3 years ago

    i have never seen anyone read a book while getting tattooed u sound like an

  • wedyee 3 years ago

    savior from what? from pain? that would make sense if he wouldn’t be the
    one that caused the pain in the first place.

  • Jredizzle1 3 years ago

    dont make you first tat a huge one lol

  • Underground Demagraphix 3 years ago

    machine giveaway watch?v=Snw-tKAn9Eg

  • Robert Randin 3 years ago

    Clearly you have never had your stomach tattooed…dear god that pain is
    unreal >.>

  • Ramblin Adhd 3 years ago

    It feels like a sunburn, really. It acts the same, too with peeling and
    stuff. Just remember to moisturize lightly and not to pick at it. 🙂

  • HentyROCK1 3 years ago

    when you say no aspirin or ibuprofen, what about paracetamol?

  • tjtomax 3 years ago

    and your tats will be faded within the week. good job

  • Sam Sharma 3 years ago

    BRING Gatorade or sugary candies when getting a tattoo helped me allot.

  • nonstoptrouble2 3 years ago

    I got my first tattoo yesterday on my upper back…. like on the left…
    The lining hurt pretty bad but the shading was more soothing. I squeezed my
    friends hand whenever it got tooo bad!

  • Jay Suave 3 years ago

    cant wait getting one today at 2 o clock

  • Rolf Power 3 years ago

    Where you get it doesn’t matter. It is going to hurt a little no matter
    where it is. Bony areas are the worst, like your ribcage or elbows.
    However, once you endure the pain once, you’ll be fine every other time.
    Don’t worry about the pain and just go through with it. You’ll be fine.

  • linneainthahouse 3 years ago

    It burns, like a bee sting or when you are making food and the butter/oil
    you are using burns you :p Härlig smääärta.

  • justinloos4444 3 years ago

    Will weed help the pain

  • rxxxxxxxxxxr 3 years ago

    That’s reassuring thanks! But I really want one on my upper spine, and
    that’s what’s worrying me. Should I be worried? 🙁 I wouldn’t want this one
    anywhere else, and I know the spine is gonna be the worst. Whereabouts did
    you get yours?

  • 333RYAN888 3 years ago

    What about coming into the tattoo parlor blazed as a motherfucker?

  • KPOPEYE53 3 years ago


  • nerdude2021 3 years ago

    i had an amazing artist in north east ohio who was a hilarious guy who
    talked to me the whole time and had on some classic rock, i didn’t even
    notice he was still inking me up half way through. seriously just talk to
    the tattooist or who ever came with you, if nobody wants to just listen to
    some sweet music it’ll make everything seem so much faster and painless.

  • SweetAngelPieForEver 3 years ago

    Why wouldn’t it?