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Hate me, hate it, love me, love it have your own opinion but in the end it was my choice 🙂 It’s just ink. I personally like it. Thanks for the positivity and love! 🙂 🙂 🙂 My gaming Channel:…



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  • MarzBarGaming 3 years ago


  • aarava 3 years ago

    I have no issue with tattoos and people getting them, they can look amazing
    and I admire ppl who go through the “pain” or whatever the feeling is for
    larger ones. But not gonna lie, when I saw the pic on Twitter, I thought
    you were joking around and drew that on with sharpie. I really think some
    discount should be taken off that tattoo parlor, it really wasn’t well
    done. Apart from that, I couldn’t care less – just hate seeing ppl get
    ripped off a bit.

  • EliteToaster8 3 years ago

    The year of my 18th birthday I’m going to get a full arm tatoo and it
    connecting to my moob. Yay. Kinda like Dwane Rock Johnson. I shall also be
    that buff. I shall also order 634 bunnies and raise them to take over the
    government. Fuck you all

  • kakasedfg 3 years ago

    I read in medical article that tattoos are carcinogenic that means they
    cause cancer so think before you put cancer in your skin does it worth it
    or not 

  • CarlR818 3 years ago

    It’s a triforce from The Legend Of Zelda not a pyramid from the illuminati.
    Silly people. Also, the guy did a really bad job. I suppose if you go back
    and have him put yellow/gold filler in the triforce and have him connect
    the lines. It would probably look better

  • TraXoR Bellacci 3 years ago

    I call illuminati!

  • IM Wercs 3 years ago

    illuminati, really?

  • lmCIoudz 3 years ago

    Wow, another terrible video.

  • iiiMoonx 3 years ago


  • HEYITSPHANTOM 3 years ago

    You should get back with Tom. 

  • Sami Ul Hasan 3 years ago

    Unsubscribe. This channel used to be so good and now it’s just shit

  • Hodor 3 years ago

    I like tattoos but i feel like you should get the full triforce design in
    future, i think it would look much better.

  • 702Blunt 3 years ago

    Why do you hangout with so many guys? 

  • Akram Alkamha 3 years ago

    You should’v got a tattoo of the word “Im Dumb” that way when 10 years walk
    by and you think; “why the hell did I get a….. oh yea I’m dumb that’s

  • Darkenfire88 3 years ago

    It’s ok if you’re looking at it, but the tri force is actually upside down
    to people looking at it 

  • Jeremy Kyle 3 years ago

    People weren’t hating because you got a tattoo, people were hating because
    you got a crap tattoo. Seriously it wasn’t even strait, it just looked
    Tattoo’s are cool, crap tattoo’s are bad.

  • jordan braiden 3 years ago

    I like it I really do I just think it was a dumb thing to permanently have
    on your skin :/. But it’s your choice so nothing I or anyone can do. 

  • Ryan Pugh 3 years ago

    “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” tattoo plz. 

  • TheBigtwinkie 3 years ago

    fuckin fat ass god damn go eat another twiinkie loser fat fuck pig bitch

  • DUB5T3P M45T3R 3 years ago

    and really you had to get a Illuminati one 

  • Jake Ransom 3 years ago

    Wow its so strange theres like 10 guys and only kate. They probably gang
    bang her at night…. :/

  • Sleepy Jode 3 years ago

    Looks like shit. I think a panda face on your shoulder or something
    would’ve been much better

  • I2ED3FiN3 3 years ago

    Illuminati tattoo lol

  • Harry Styles 3 years ago

    I have 198 tattoos, But who’s counting, Right?
    Including the one of Cher lloyds face on my thigh.

  • Spencer Vipond 3 years ago

    hopefully i get to meet you in kansas kate! :)

  • piddleass 3 years ago


  • Rafe Petersen 3 years ago

    all your friends are so nice!

  • Emily Stephenson 3 years ago

    Ooh, Veeoneeye!

  • DashHD 3 years ago

    LOL the cat @ 4:25 was like “Huuhh, wtf are they doing” 

  • Itsdatgingerbreadman 3 years ago

    Kate I think you might be able to learn a few things from youtuber Charles
    trippy (his YouTube is CTFxC) he actually is the bassist for we the kings
    and they’ll be on the entire warped tour. He’s been on warped a couple of
    times and you could learn a few things from his vlogs. He vlogs everyday
    and you could learn a couple things along the way!

  • xJohn1300 3 years ago

    Isnt that a harry potter tat?

  • Kniter 3 years ago

    she’s turning a bit chubby :o

  • DarKy 3 years ago

    anal is love, anal is life

  • West Kagle 3 years ago

    Good for you. Nothing wrong with tats.

  • DylanBurns222 3 years ago

    is it just me or wat the tatto line wonkey ? 

  • James Morey 3 years ago

    All respect has now been lost…

  • Philip Geertsen 3 years ago

    I make vlogs just like Tyler, Joey and O2L, and im soon at 4900, so if
    anyone could check me out, it would mean the world to me! <3

  • Spaz zinUp 3 years ago

    Kate, tattoos are alright and all but you just ruined your perfect skin,
    also a triforce? at least get something with meaning or a little bit of

  • Leggo Ninjja 3 years ago

    Getting the tattoo removed hurts more then getting it 

  • Snipeyy 3 years ago

    YES! Happy for you! :D

  • RamboVisuals | 3 years ago

    He should close his shop if he cant do some fucking simple straight lines.
    looks like shit