Added by on December 19, 2013

Seriously can’t believe I’ve managed to upload a video a day for 11 consecutive days!!! Questions: 1.How many tattoos do you have? 2. What’s your favorite ta…



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  • Scuffles Waffles 3 years ago

    no offense intended. I’m not a native english speaker so yeah.

  • Scuffles Waffles 3 years ago

    Your child looks a little mixed. Is your husband asian?

  • AussieMummySince07 3 years ago

    Your comment sounds a little rude. I am not married.

  • AussieMummySince07 3 years ago

    Yeah, my tat for Kaiden is awesome 🙂

  • Really like your tat 4 kaden

  • AussieMummySince07 3 years ago

    LOL im running out of ideas for videos :/

  • AussieMummySince07 3 years ago

    What was the pain like for you? Yeah, ive heard that phrase before too 🙂

  • Stacey Watkins 3 years ago

    i have my daughters handprints on my left rib cage lol and i want to get a
    poem/names added in future once i know im done having babies and i know how
    much space ill need….. there is a cool poem that goes: “only you will
    ever understand the love i have for you in my heart, after all your the
    only one whos heard it beating from the inside”