Added by on April 4, 2014

My camera died towards the end there but hopefully I fit enough in! Let me know if you have any more questions or any other videos you’d like me to do about …



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  • sassyrobotsam 3 years ago

    I love your personality and your way of thinking when it comes to tattoos.
    Continue being awesome :D

  • Paulaz0rz 3 years ago

    Robert Smith! Excellent vid! I can’t wait for my portrait! My boyfriend
    doesn’t mind I’m getting Andy Kaufman cartoonified on my forearm. 

  • pinkindianchild 3 years ago

    Please do a video where you talk about your experience(s) with suspension.
    I would love to see that :)

  • babypietattoo 3 years ago

    Let me know if you want any other modification videos!

  • MisssMami 3 years ago

    I LOVE how all of your tattoos have stories and meaning…even down to the
    placement….thats how i am (or will be when i get the money to start
    getting them done lol) And you should make more videos!