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This is me getting a japanese dragon bamboo tattoo in Thailand. The man doing it is named Wee and he has a shop in White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach on the i…



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  • Risto Penttinen 3 years ago

    There is a tradition of bamboo hand poke tattooing in Thailand. You can get tools and training from there. Bamboo tattoo tools are really easy to make so you can do it yourself. Basically it is stick with few needles tied with thread to the point. Few needles for lining, more for shading. Way they hold tattooing stick in Thailand is different from Japanese but you can make equally impressive tattoos with both ways. Learning tattooing in Thailand is way cheaper than in Japan.

  • Nick Krause 3 years ago

    What’s the song name

  • angel edwin rodriguez jr 3 years ago

    I am a tattoo arist and work alone but I’ve been in the art biz for over 3 years and want to try something diffrent I know this art was originally made up by a japanese man but what’s the real name for the tools he is useing for the tattoos becuz I was looking up bamboo tattoo kits for 3 months and have not found anything so that would mean I would have to go to japan and get some pointers and probibly buy the stuff I need from down there

  • yuri00r 3 years ago

    The guy being tatued is so cute 🙂
    I want his facebook.

  • Sputnik966 3 years ago

    How much was it?

  • Lee C. 3 years ago


  • Lee C. 3 years ago


  • Lee C. 3 years ago


  • Lee C. 3 years ago


  • shook919 3 years ago

    Awesome odie pillow!:)

  • fatbiker1340 3 years ago

    GREAT!!! Wee is a real master in Bamboo style.
    I received two sak yant by him
    thank you for this video

  • John Maronidis 3 years ago

    What’s the difference between this and the normal tat?

  • Grant Huber 3 years ago

    what’s the name of this song?

  • Nick B 3 years ago

    nice work it would be pritty cool to get something like that, i have severel tattoos myself all passed on my spiritual walk, congrats, maybe one day ill pay him a visit ty 🙂

  • fatbiker1340 3 years ago

    I received two Sacred Yant by Wee…
    Great person and great artist.
    Luck and joy to him and his family

  • reggieobe98 3 years ago

    Tebori, done with traditional tools, is done wearing gloves and taking reasonable precaution to prevent disease spread or infection. So I can’t believe that the cut off glove tips is really necessary. And yes, seen it, witnessed it in person, it’s not just an Internet observation.

  • matttatts 3 years ago

    i have been considering doing this style of tattooing my self, but theres no way id be doing that with out proper gloves. bawwrf!

  • TheAutumnAyane 3 years ago

    Ok, I’ll meet you at Osaka station anytime you like. And don’t worry i’ll leave my husband and daughter at home.

    Get back to me with a time when you’re ready to hit a woman in the face.

  • muddack 3 years ago

    what are you the fuckin tattoo police. I’d like to see you lip me off in person champ! call me a fucktard…. and think it’s cool.

  • 5tonyvvvv 3 years ago

    calm down its all art chill out..i have both on my body big deal..ive also had both thai and jap..hand poke styles

  • TheAutumnAyane 3 years ago

    Thats a Thai dragon not a Japanese Dragon. Do some research you fucktard.

  • muddack 3 years ago

    so if a Japanese metal band is playing awesome music, then I should not enjoy what I am hearing? i should go to L.A. and listen only to the real thing?? lame comment Mr Purist Elitist. fascist fundamentalist douchebag!

  • muddack 3 years ago

    Lame Comment!! it looks like an actual tattoo done by hand does it not? so if a japanese b heavy metal band plays awesome music i should not like it because i should be in L.A. listening to the real thing??

  • rippinfreestyle 3 years ago

    The tips are off because it makes it a lot easier for the stick to slide between his fingers. If he left them on, it would be very hard for him to tattoo and I imagine it would just end up looking like a mess.

  • folkgirrl 3 years ago

    Hi, nice tatoo.. just a question, he’s wearing gloves.. Im taking it for cleanliness/germs etc.. but why are the tips off? that kinda defies the purpose of the glove?

  • rippinfreestyle 3 years ago

    The pain was pretty much the same as a regular tattoo except it takes much, much longer. The worst part was actually just lying down for such a long time. And it all depends on the location of the tattoo as well. Mine took 5 days total but only 4-6 hour sessions each time. I was living in the tattoo shop so the artist worked on it between other customers that I brought in.. Glad you like it!

  • Nick B 3 years ago

    Simply amazing Ive always wanted to get a too done oldstyle like that. Can I ask you compared to normal tattoos was the pain worst and the same and how long did it take you to get it done thanks 🙂 namaste <3

  • mike jones 3 years ago

    lovin the whole calm relaxin music and i’m think about getting a Bamboo tattoo i 2 that where done w/a gun

  • AlexGraphy 3 years ago

    This music made me so calm. I like the video!
    Nice tattoo.

  • TheAutumnAyane 3 years ago

    Why are you getting a JAPANESE tattoo in THAILAND?

    if you want an authentic one go to the source.

  • bebeoploki 3 years ago

    Thank you.