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Japanese Tattoos . Photos by Martin Hladik Japanese tattoos have a history that goes back to the dynasties and before. …



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  • inevitableAnpu 3 years ago

    I’m considering getting either Mezmerize or Hypmotize.

  • TurkishCommentator 3 years ago

    Dragons, womens n fish in everywhere.

  • kgat03 3 years ago

    Quite liked the last one for some reason.

  • kgat03 3 years ago

    Man sick tatts, but those have to be quite expensive, I’m sure. Would be worth it (depending, lol).

  • Jay Dobbins 3 years ago

    1:21, i would love to see the bikini go bye bye! HOT!!

  • Jay Dobbins 3 years ago

    0:30 OMG, the vibrance and detail is incredible LOL. I am worried if I get one,I’ll end up covered!

  • peter phane 3 years ago

    I want a back piece so bad

  • MediaFanatic119 3 years ago

    Haven’t seen anyone post the song name, if anyone knows please let us know 🙂

  • brnacro 3 years ago

    1:33 Chris Leben

  • cesarseizure 3 years ago

    0:24 That ones sick

  • Ziara2411 3 years ago

    I would definately get 2:02 for real !

  • MrJoseportilla 3 years ago

    some of em r fuckin’ fantastic!

  • Kevin Salcie 3 years ago

    Love the Music n Tattoos 🙂

  • 163K1D 3 years ago

    The one at 30 seconds was awesome.

  • panbread89 3 years ago

    The last horimono looked nice…the way the violet and the orange of the Koi fish went together, that just made my day.

  • yellaant1 3 years ago

    yella zays 100%

  • hemanguchi 3 years ago


  • epameinwndas malakidas 3 years ago

    i love the song

  • Onit toVomit 3 years ago

    2:43 is exactley what im looking for omfg i have found my style ! love it

  • Dompiestompie 3 years ago

    i like the snake on 3:00 its nice just not finished i think woot like it if you can make it like its a real one xD

  • MightyKK006 3 years ago

    The one at 1:24 is cool..

  • hellojoe88888 3 years ago


  • Roninfalls 3 years ago

    Traditional Japanese

  • Kyra B 3 years ago

    I LOVE 3:00!

  • jin54363 3 years ago

    what is the name of these tattoos?

  • Nick Sanso 3 years ago

    that snake tat at the end is there a finished shot of that ?

  • makeupforever8 3 years ago

    their all beautiful

  • hm008vaj 3 years ago

    Amazing artwork

  • massunagad12 3 years ago

    serpent is a very cool
    i liked 2:57

    i want that pictures to tattoo on my back

  • WiFooo 3 years ago

    1:22, awesome.

  • sean mitchell 3 years ago

    had to stop this lol, music is doing my head in

  • TheAutumnAyane 3 years ago

    the star of david is jewish lol

  • Navez18 3 years ago

    how is 2:23 japanese?

  • Corey Crouch 3 years ago

    haha yeah I looked at some more videos and actually saw the process.. ahhh… deffinately not temporary but the most amazing form of a tattoo.

  • PHDxNC 3 years ago

    god no

  • Corey Crouch 3 years ago

    are these temporary traditional tattoo’s like henna?

  • tengu nio 3 years ago

    greaaaaaaat!!!! thank’s for all those beautiful horimono tattoos. i love it!!! :Y.

  • ChanLi Bates 3 years ago

    love the first tatt…….

  • yabaho19 3 years ago

    So nice..

  • Chuloloc 3 years ago

    Awesome. Amazing works of art.

  • kua514 3 years ago

    Beautiful Artwork!

  • viniv20 3 years ago

    u can get tattoos like this without being japanese ….of u really want it u do it … only one advice : better search 5 years for a extremely good artist then search 5 minutes for a bad tattooist where you will deffinitly regret u’r tattoo , just a hint …