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Kenneth Bryan tattooing fancy script lettering chestpiece on Scott Vilaysaeng.



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  • masterIsreal 3 years ago

    Im get my first tat chest piece but im kinda skinny so i worry it will hurt
    like hell since my bones are so close

  • BigJoe1617 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to get my chest piece I’ll get it in 2 weeks 3days, on my bday

  • john rolon 3 years ago

    no clip courd cover,room looks like its cluddered with junk,dirty ass shop.

  • Ali W 3 years ago

    might get one in my native language, but maybe these days it is more unique
    to not have tattoos

  • Mysaez Flores 3 years ago

    I live in a small town but I get done doing tatts letters are like my thing
    but its always good to know more then what you should when it comes to

  • Grace Jonie 3 years ago

    hai. is it hurt? i’m feeling curious. im gonna get chest tattoo nex month.

  • Darnell Jones 3 years ago

    How long this took?

  • i got my half sleeve done on my left arm and it didnt hurt as much as
    people made it up to be i had a very good tattoo artist also we talked and
    listened to music great time it wont be my last tat from him 

  • Jyse Hooper 3 years ago

    The clip cord coved don’t make a shit really you don’t tattoo with that. As
    long as your needles are clean and you change your fukin gloved when you
    are suppose to you good

  • jfranco7923 3 years ago

    Looks good

  • Keyon Walker 3 years ago

    I want my tattoo to come out just like that!

  • Roger Mendez 3 years ago

    vato gets down! bad ass work!

  • LEEINKT 3 years ago

    Nice work

  • Charlie Brown 3 years ago

    scotty got nice nipples

  • Tommy Diamond 3 years ago

    i want a chest peace but im not skinny

  • Gwansoon Lee 3 years ago

    You will get noticed fairly quick if you are a good shop, you are reliable
    and enjoy your work. I really do enjoy all types of tattoos and thats why i
    am here.

  • robert gonzales 3 years ago

    How much did a piece like that cost?

  • thisgame2 3 years ago

    my first tat was a full back lion portrait, next is chest script, yee haw!

  • sturgess123456 3 years ago

    I agree with you on picking your first tattoo. I was thinking about getting
    a little one at first, to see if I can handle it, then I said fuck it & got
    a back piece that took over 6 hours. Yes it was painful, but I love it.

  • Faris Bey 3 years ago

    i would like to know how could get an appentistship under me…through a
    person like you that been for a while….?

  • northerncali707ave 3 years ago

    Hi what size liner needle did you use?

  • Anouar Arfaoui 3 years ago

    500 dollars sum like that

  • buddylikeguitar 3 years ago

    nice tat

  • Liam Lawless 3 years ago

    whats the font called?

  • Arthur Penaia 3 years ago

    how long did this take?

  • trentonky 3 years ago

    Damn I hear that heavy hand.