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  • Dakota Farrell 3 years ago

    I tried to keep up with your pace of drawing that fast. I went cross eyed,
    had a coppery taste in my mouth, I saw the universe for a split second and
    now my girlfriend is just looking at me with tears in her eyes and saying
    “the peanut butter…why…the peanut butter?”. Maybe I will try again next

  • baconboye 3 years ago

    wait wait, slow down, your goin too fast i cant keep up

  • viniv20 3 years ago

    i also tried do draw koi fishes for some tattoodesigns , i just studied
    some drawings from other artist ,marked the specific details that come
    forwards on a drawing like this and i also checked how the coloring is ,
    and then i checked pictures of real koi fishes and studied the patterns ,
    my first drawing looked like shit but with every new drawing i maid i was
    getting beter at it , i’m still not at the point where my drawings are
    really good , but they’re way better then before 😉 just train !

  • Jet27061995 3 years ago

    What markers are you using man?

  • Mya Adkins 3 years ago


  • CrownedOfM 3 years ago

    awesome 😀

  • Anand Majithia 3 years ago

    what kind of pens are you using here?

  • jaysnn7 3 years ago

    @Alec0da0moose they are water splashs

  • casetrls 3 years ago

    @onthamic1 draw more

  • Thdirtydream 3 years ago

    You rocked totallly! How did you learn to draw the koifish? Is there any
    helping aid on the net? Please advice!

  • PatheticSalad 3 years ago

    I envy you. <:

  • Aralee Windu Suryanata 3 years ago

    dude that was awesome !!

  • purehawaiianboi23 3 years ago

    ive see a koi exactly like that on the web minus the wave action on it lol
    even with the little bump thing on its head

  • austino101 3 years ago

    i hate you 🙂

  • Oscar Eriksson 3 years ago

    Thumbs up 4 epic music!

  • Christine Angel 3 years ago

    they looked like sharpies to me.

  • Zoe Clark 3 years ago

    You do realise their back fin doesn’t start from the front?

  • FloggeMausXD 3 years ago


  • glowplug1234 3 years ago

    nice drawing

  • governmentReBeL 3 years ago

    damn that was good you should do a tutorial ^_^!!!

  • Liam Farr 3 years ago

    please do tutorials on more common tattoo’s like asian dragons, eagles etc.

  • Rayquazarules1 3 years ago

    could u plz do a tutorial on how to make proper scales plz? urs r amazing
    but mines arnt

  • Pick One 3 years ago

    i’m pretty sure you can draw it with your eyes closed..

  • Truebluecfc1983 3 years ago

    Read my comment properly mate instead of spitting out your dummy

  • hmglis 3 years ago


  • nikki9011111 3 years ago

    i want to be tattoo artist sometime im going to colledge for art this is
    really intense i love this! where did you get your markers lol

  • lkruml 3 years ago

    thats beast

  • nosubirevideos 3 years ago

    Awesome! the fish and the music!

  • taylorfuckingvanity 3 years ago

    dude your coi fish looks amazing! XD i just drew my first one 😀

  • Carmona18 3 years ago

    man you fuckin rock ass

  • atmdc 3 years ago

    def not sharpies. 1 sharpies are way too dark for this type of art. 2. u
    dont want to use them as they are not acid free. 3. these are most likely
    prismacolor markers or something similar

  • badman2812 3 years ago

    at the beggining i thought ” oh here we go another amatur” but how wrong i
    was THATS FUKING AMAZING all credit to you 🙂

  • xDiSpArAtEx 3 years ago

    the trooper from iron maiden