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Alternative tattoo model for Hot Topic and entrepreneur Kristen Leanne visits Dr. Tattoff to remove a celebrity tattoo that no one seems to be able to recogn…



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  • WILL KIRBY 3 years ago
  • Paul Donlin 3 years ago

    Interesting. I didn’t realize that it’s a handheld laser. I guess I always
    understood the science of how it worked but never how they implemented it.

  • KristenxLeanne 3 years ago


  • icemangtr1 3 years ago

    Kristen YOu better think 100 times before to do another Tattoo Honey!
    this One is really Epic Fail ….

  • Daniel Pittenger 3 years ago

    Really like the dark hair…looks amazing!

  • SheaBearden 3 years ago

    Let’s see that………in an instant replay!

  • WILL KIRBY 3 years ago

    I thought it looked like a young Howard Stern… Who do you think it looks

  • Dahjer Canaan 3 years ago

    I must’ve been the only one to think it either looked like The Joker or Jim
    Carry from Ace Ventura… Those would’ve been my first two guesses, just

  • SheaBearden 3 years ago

    I’ve seen that movie COUNTLESS times. HUGE fan…Apparently, you are
    too….much respect for that. I’m sorry the tattoo didn’t work out!

  • Dr. Tattoff 3 years ago