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JUSTIN BIEBER GOING TO TRIAL! – » Katy Perry dumped John Mayer earlier this week. Why the second split? » Kyle Jenner got a HUGE tatt…



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  • ArchAngel777 3 years ago

    It’s definitely fake. 

  • Lyndsay Rae 3 years ago

    Thank you SOOOO much for having me! I LOVE hosting for you guys 🙂
    #ATVFamily <3

  • BeautyByDiamond12 3 years ago

    looks real but bruce would never let that happen maybe kendall signed for

  • Shadowbreaker456 3 years ago

    You guys are gay minority gosip queens yep seems accurate

  • Anthony Fay 3 years ago

    I doubt Kylie’s tattoo is real her parents went crazy when Kendall wanted
    to get one

  • SumoSURVIVOR08291 3 years ago

    I’m open Katy Perry

  • Johanne Olsen 3 years ago

    I didn’t even know that katy had a boyfriend ahahha

  • charmedone860 3 years ago


  • Aless Meury 3 years ago

    its fake she does this crayon art things

  • Astrid Bell 3 years ago

    Its a sharpie tat

  • Hannah Green 3 years ago

    Sharpie tattoo!

  • Anna Morr 3 years ago

    Looks fake

  • Rick White 3 years ago


  • lale gul 3 years ago


  • Mouj Hijazi 3 years ago

    I think it’s a sharpie tattoo lol

  • martina maurici 3 years ago

    No fake

  • Syafiqah Akemi 3 years ago

    Hopefully its fake , it looks ugly on her , she is already pretty. .no need
    tatto (:

  • Berenice Trejo 3 years ago


  • Nick DiLillo 3 years ago

    Ya I’m single who cares? It’s just important because she is a fucking
    celebrity. Honestly who gives a fuck about a stupid tattoo?

  • 44travelbug 3 years ago

    its fake

  • Mayra Carrillo 3 years ago


  • Unzila Shahzad 3 years ago

    that is not 5 seconds lol love ya 

  • beautybymckeiy11 3 years ago

    please check out my beauty channel<3

  • amnon fachar 3 years ago

    It’s a sharpie tat she always dose that 

  • hipstargazing 3 years ago

    It’s just sharpie, go on her Instagram and you’ll see she always has them

  • nishat boo 3 years ago

    I don’t think it’s true because he dad didnt let Kendall get a tattoo so
    why would he let kylie

  • Isabelle Desormes 3 years ago

    Its not real. Kylie gets fake sharpie tats all the time. 

  • Kianna S 3 years ago

    I doubt kylies “tattoo” real. If you look, 24 hrs ago she posted a picture
    that has that same arm in the picture, without a tattoo on it. This photo
    she posted 22 hrs ago.
    Also I dont think Katy and John broke up. They were so perfect together,
    and just because he wasnt with her at the bangerz tour or they werent
    together every single day, doesnt mean they are automatically broken up.
    They are both singers, which means thwy are both busy.

  • Susan Pelaez 3 years ago

    Those were the longest 5 seconds everXD 

  • celeste arreola 3 years ago

    Kylie said its a sharpie tatoo on instagran

  • Türkçe Müzik - Turkish Music 3 years ago

    ATV cheats people by not sending their earnings on partnership. They don’t
    even reply mails and closing tickets without answering.

  • Tori Galindo 3 years ago

    No I think it is a henna

  • Stella Brooks 3 years ago

    i doubt Kylie’s tattoo is real, back when kendall was 16 and wanting a
    tattoo their parents wouldn’t let her. its probably another sharpie tattoo
    from her friend

  • Luna S. 3 years ago

    fake, it was made with sharpie

  • Mackenzie Cross 3 years ago

    kylie and kendall have both posted insta pics of sharpie tattoos so im sure
    thats what it is. but who knows kylie seems like the type to do so

  • nastux713129 3 years ago

    Fake because Bruce wouldn’t allow that to happend 

  • Victoria Gallo 3 years ago


  • Urban-decay909 3 years ago


  • Makeupbyvanessa 3 years ago


  • Broden Tullio 3 years ago

    Its a sharpie 

  • Trina Limbo 3 years ago

    No so fake

  • Eimear M 3 years ago