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No criminal group in the world is more closely identified with tattoos than the largest: Japan’s Yakuza, 80000 strong. In this episode of Marked, we go deep…



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  • usagi tsukino 3 years ago

    fuck these shitty ass dubs!! just use subs you stupid fucking dog shit for
    brains peices of shits!!!!!!!!! !

  • Peter Panter 3 years ago


  • brandonshanexox 3 years ago

    scary but I wanna know who tatto’d their butt?

  • great567 3 years ago

    We get it, Japanese people don’t have ‘smrooth’ english accents. dumb subs

  • Steve's POV スティーブ的視点 3 years ago

    very well done documentary.. However, I have to agree with others, the
    English voice doing the Japanese voice-overs was not a Japanese person
    speaking English and the intentional accent he was using was quite
    annoying. Would have preferred regular english speaking or a Japanese
    person with a normal Japanese sounding English accent… Overall though,
    very well done!

  • FlyingDumpling 3 years ago

    This seem very exaggerated, the voice over. They even included that horror
    movie soundtrack

  • Hjalmar Zola Christensen 3 years ago

    I hate american documentaries. They are always about drama and effects and
    never about the actually topic… Saying the same things over and over and
    changes some clips with some crappy background music.

  • omar khalid 3 years ago

    i love their
    their Mafia is too Brutal and OP 

  • Alchemy -kun 3 years ago

    japan, its all about animes, drifting cars and yakuza. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Mark b 3 years ago

    i have tattoos and i am on the look out for a good artist, as i need to
    finish off my left arm sleeve. these guy’s tattoos are amazing

  • sean conley 3 years ago

    Japanese culture is amazing. If I ever got a tattoo I would want it from
    someone as experienced and creative as him.

  • matt Lindenmuth 3 years ago

    i like how people are arguing about world war 2 on a yakuza documentary…

  • Ching changwe wesee 3 years ago

    Cherry blossom=New yolo…….YOCBO….You only cherry blossom once

  • vampirealvin 3 years ago

    Why is there a need for the stereotypical Japanese English accent?

    Can’t they just put on subtitles or speak in a more clear way??

    What’s the point of dubbing what he said if they would use the fake ass

  • Kiichi Imnottelling 3 years ago

    You know that guy was in the Yakuza because he lost his pinky. 

  • Rox Fionnagain 3 years ago

    +Paul Henning 

  • Balcan Barbeque 3 years ago

    28:55 is that weed ?? nice… :)

  • Christopher Li 3 years ago

    Interesting History Channel documentary on tattoo art inside the world of
    the Japanese Yakuza

  • monkay breadstick 3 years ago

    These relentless motherfuckers are also pumping out anime. What is this

  • Ryan Barnes 3 years ago

    What is the name of the butterfly?

  • 石田雄大 3 years ago

    Many Japanese people believe that ancestors of Yakuza menbers are usually
    Korean or Chinese poeple who were sent to Japan during WW2.

  • VicDion Wright 3 years ago

    I have much respect for the yakuza

  • 石田雄大 3 years ago

    translator should be more fluent in English. I can’t stop laughing cuz his
    Japlish pronounciation sounds so weird lol

  • TeCnus 3 years ago

    Wtf is with the voice over…

  • Nippa Lalor 3 years ago

    Who is the narrator?
    he makes it sound so dark and evil 

  • Sully Gutierrez 3 years ago

    Wow. I might just go to Japan and get a tebori style tattoo.

  • DarthTwilight 3 years ago

    the narrator butchered every word. 

  • Marin Colomes 3 years ago

    A documentary on fat Japanese dudes showing their big fat bellies, Nice !

  • nazgs 3 years ago

    the voice-overs in this are killing me… the fake japanese accents are bad
    enough, and then there’s that annoying narrator who’s all like “the
    japaneeeeese yakoooozer” 

  • MrLibanonking100 3 years ago

    why do they translate with an japanish acent : (

  • Harry CaptBlack 3 years ago

    woa 35:00 shoko tendo i have her book it was an Awsome book highly
    Thanks for uploading this documentary

  • Kyle Panther 3 years ago

    Aijou Aikokushin 

  • Tyrande Wrynnde 3 years ago

    Nice art with a bad attitude

  • Aeslash 3 years ago

    fucking fags wear thongs

  • akito ogawa 3 years ago

    war…………. war……….. war……………. that all im hearing
    fuck haters wakati seikō sensō o okora seru…..Nihon wa ima aisuru
    sekai saikō no bashodeari, watashi wa sore ni sanka dekite totemo
    ureshidesu .hoi .saiyonara Oshirinoana baka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meinu

  • Fergus Davidson 3 years ago

    ya is not 8, ku is not 9 and za is not 3…. (hachi kyu san)

  • Luke I 3 years ago

    idk why you even bothered dubbing it if you are gonna use a guy with a fake
    Japanese accent. I cant take this thing seriously with that voice :D

  • sag samb 3 years ago

    yakuza is not a typical organized gangsters. I mean they follow a set of
    laws made long time agoo and its still being followed by people

  • CyberEliteNinja 3 years ago

    Why is everyone fat?