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NEW PUPPY – Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo in memory of her passed dog, Floyd. Also, she has a new boyfriend and video? → Credits ← Paulina Cerrilla…



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  • Simple David 3 years ago

    Why am i subscribed to this lame as channel?!

  • kristen mathews 3 years ago

    liam made a mistake but i think she still loves him they were the cutest
    couple #teamliam 

  • Maryam Bukhari 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Liam was a douche to her, and Miley
    changed because she wanted his attention?

  • chloe chatmas 3 years ago

    Personally Liam is to classy for Miley and Mike has the same intrest as

  • emma zande 3 years ago

    Miley should be with who ever makes her happy because she isn’t who her
    fans want her to be, she’s herself. 

  • jewel tellez 3 years ago


  • Jailene Santiago 3 years ago


  • Lovisa Gudmundson 3 years ago


  • Giulia Moraes 3 years ago

    With ho ever she wants 

  • Olivia Robinson 3 years ago

    I think she should get back with Liam, because with Liam, she could be the
    way she was 3 year ago and not have to go to the extreme to impress him.
    Yes I know that Liam and Miley don’t seem like they go together, but Liam
    loved Miley for just being herself and not caring what other people thought
    of her. He gave her the opportunity to just live her life. People say that
    he restricted her and didn’t let her have the freedom that she deserved for
    someone so young. Yes it would be awkward for them to get back together,
    but if you reflect on the time when Liam and Miley were together and Miley
    was still herself, then people would understand why some people think that
    Liam would be the better option.

  • K caesar 3 years ago

    first the new song sucks cause it was so weird i never thought it would be
    a even be on youtube second the tat looks like it got hand made with a
    marker by a 7 year old and i’m looking forward to miley being dumped again

    but all and all miley is at least growing on me slowly very slowly i can’t
    look at her unless she gets her hair back and put the tongue were it
    belongs oh and i think liam they look cute together

  • Nicole Ortiz 3 years ago

    I think Liam Hemsworth.

  • MadiPieMars 3 years ago

    wow… *_*

  • Shelby Coleman 3 years ago

    Really? I found about this more than a week ago when it really happened.
    Step up your game Awesomeness TV!!!!

  • Victoria Schmidt 3 years ago


  • Daisy Ramirez 3 years ago


  • poppy girl 3 years ago


  • Natalie Garza 3 years ago


  • creativecharms101 3 years ago


  • Alysia Ruiz 3 years ago


  • Melekia Tyrell 3 years ago

    I love Paulina she should be on awesomenesstv more! 

  • ENGY HAMDY 3 years ago

    Whoever makes her feel confident in her own skin is the one that she should
    be happy!

  • Ari James 3 years ago

    She should be with Liam he is so cute

  • SirEnderMC 3 years ago

    Mike him and Miley have common interests and Liam wasn’t faithful to her.

  • Magcon Bae 3 years ago

    I honestly think that Miley should be w/ Mike. When she was with Liam she
    went through a lot of shit, and after the break up she started reforming
    herself. She released a new album in 2013 Bangerz which sold over millions
    worldwide & her and Mike also collaborated together on a few of the songs
    on her Album. And one last thing we can all agree on is that she is way
    more happier w/ her life now then she was w/ Liam.

  • Diana Fuentes 3 years ago


  • Yuri Kutuzov 3 years ago

    The media is a weapon of mass degeneration, look how the liberals will
    embrace this

  • gymtape 3 years ago


  • Amber Walker 3 years ago


  • Gloria Sanchez 3 years ago


  • Anne Tolentino 3 years ago

    If Miley starts to date Liam again then she’ll probably go back to normal

  • TheKeekeebabii 3 years ago

    Miley Ass Crazy

  • Nicholas DeMatteis 3 years ago


  • Angel Lolla 3 years ago

    I don’t think that she is dating Mike i think they are just close friends
    and i also love to see Miam again but he doesn’t deserve her cause he is an

  • kola adetola 3 years ago

    The music producer that’s dating Miley is cray cray

  • Haley Ratliff 3 years ago

    Oml Liam! 

  • Jordan Mackie 3 years ago

    She should definitely be with Mike

  • Sarah Wellington 3 years ago

    LIAM that’s who she should be with??

  • rose mercer 3 years ago

    Liam is the right guy for her

  • Haley Hightower 3 years ago

    She doesn’t deserve Liam

  • Jessica Mendoza 3 years ago

    Liam is too good for her, but not for old Miley. And why is she so called
    “queen”? She is a peasant in my vocabulary!

  • Olivia Taylor 3 years ago


  • Alyssa Patrick 3 years ago

    i really don’t care about half the stuff they talk about on this channel so
    I’m basically subscribed for no reason 

  • Mariam Almutawaa 3 years ago


  • TheRandomgrlz 3 years ago

    Mike will made it because Liam had it all awhile back nut now it’s time for
    him to be with Miley -Tamra

  • cassie bruning 3 years ago

    I think Miley and Liam should NOT be together cause if it was meant to be
    they wouldn’t of left each other anyways plus Miley and mike have the same
    interests so mikes a thumbs up for me

  • Imee Paterno 3 years ago


  • dajah abasolo 3 years ago

    miley cyrus should be with liam

  • Mia Horan 3 years ago


  • glitter4555 3 years ago

    I ship miam