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  • Ciotolina 3 years ago

    Hello dear 😉 I sub if u want follow me too kiss from italy ;)

  • Tanamontana100 3 years ago

    yay! you got your studio lights!!! Quality is amazing! Top notch… hah

    and for the Q&A… Whats the best and worst part of living in LA.
    Where do you see yourself after college living wise, and also career

  • Jessica Lanie 3 years ago

    Love them! Especially the “rebel” one! :)

  • nebraskacutie96 3 years ago

    her voice annoying i mean its a lil higher pitched but theres nothing
    wrong with that . my own voice annoys me lol

  • GirlyFrame 3 years ago

    I think tattoos really suit your personality, I don’t know why haha
    and for the q&a: are you excited to have me back in LA?? 🙂 :)

  • Veron e 3 years ago

    please, how call music in video? 🙂 thank oyu

  • Juli Harbert 3 years ago

    I really want a tattoo that would be kind of below your rebel tattoo how
    much do you think that would hurt it’s mostly lines and not very big 

  • YECIEBOO 3 years ago

    is your tongue split?

  • Danni Stewart 3 years ago

    I actually really love all your tattoos! gorgeous

  • Kaitlin Sage 3 years ago

    love them all!! You have become one of my favorite youtubers keep up the
    great work!! :)

  • ash trix 3 years ago

    omg her voice…. mute button please

  • Ashley Soliz 3 years ago

    Omg My birthday is today!! (FEB 7) And I’M getting a tattoo too!! Hahaha
    awesome sauce. Happy Birthday!

  • karleylovesthis 3 years ago

    loveee the flowers!

  • Alanah 3 years ago

    I did an updated tattoos video! Watch it on YouTube :)

  • Lindsay Pauwels 3 years ago

    “I’m just going to show my tattoos a little so people can’t take the exact
    same tattoo on the exact same spot” (…) “Oh, so here’s my flower tattoo,
    I saw it on one of my friends, i know it’s coppying but… whatever” And
    then to see that none of those tattoos are original.

  • waitingcherry 3 years ago

    I got addicted to your voice, it’s crazy! I love how you speak! Girl, you
    have some serious work of art on your skin…I love the idea of Rebel, I
    never thought of the fact that people could mean it also as a verb…ah!
    The crown on your finger looks almost like those metallic knuckle thingies
    to punch people! LOL :D

  • Sarah Wilson 3 years ago

    What nail polish is that? It is gorgeous!

  • Ariana Alex 3 years ago

    Omg I love your tattoos I plan on getting a few but later 🙂 some people
    can’t wear tattoos in a classy way but you make it work

  • Lauren Bitters 3 years ago

    I love all your tattoos! I just got a new one last week that has a lot of
    meaning and am getting an old one touched up next week that has about no
    meaning…but it will be pretty when it’s done. I agree with your
    philosophy; some mean a lot, some are just art… some ink!!!

  • siiiiiiiiiike 3 years ago

    um, your “bob” tattoo is really racist. that’s super embarrassing. 

  • kaila 3 years ago

    what nail polish do you have on?? :)

  • Pamela Gem Alexys 3 years ago

    Saturday girl crush 

  • Zara Dugan 3 years ago

    OMG you have an issue with people stealing tattoos but you got the same
    lily tattoo as your friend way to be a hypocrite. 

  • UpStandStanzi 3 years ago

    And for the Q&A: who’s your favourite youtuber? :)

  • Matt C 3 years ago

    Some nice work.

  • m tag 3 years ago

    Was there any significance of the crying Native American tattoo?

  • Florence Duchesneau 3 years ago

    whats the song in the back???? awesome tattoos!! :)

  • littleeebear 3 years ago

    I think it’s funny in the beginning of the video she states she doesn’t
    want her tattoos to be “stolen” but yet she stole 2 of her tattoos lol what
    the hell man. 

  • ByTheWayDon'tDoThat 3 years ago

    You’re gorgeous!

  • Pernille Rask Melsen 3 years ago

    I love them all, and i like your personality a lot, but I’m kinda confused
    about your opinion on close ups because you kinda “stole” the back design
    yourself you know 😀 not meant in any mean way, i just wondered

  • Chrissy Tee 3 years ago


  • THEJAW03 3 years ago


  • JustinTimeFolks 3 years ago

    lol how can you really say you don’t want anyone taking your tattoo ideas
    if you stole someone else’s tattoo… that’s kind of funny.