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download the new cd here: get the album, hope you like it!! don’t Forget, Free Netflix for the CTFxC http://Netflix….



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  • FriendsofEnemiesBand 3 years ago

    “My oven’s singing to me.” hahahha lmao love you guys. :)

  • fcoronel1 3 years ago

    You always have a great message at the end. 

  • UberFile 3 years ago

    remove the (dot) and put a . instead, it’s when marley fell in

  • TheModernAlliance 3 years ago

    Coby *

  • Choua Yang 3 years ago

    LOVE THE NEW ALBUM!! IT’S AWESOME! #SomwhereSomehow

  • Adam Murray 3 years ago

    Why the fuck would u get a tattoo there they are disgusting

  • George Petfield 3 years ago

    I got a code

  • Hailee Elizabeth 3 years ago

    Happy birthday coby aww

  • Gianna Scarcipino 3 years ago

    Hahaha best part is *oven plays music* ………. “My ovens singing to

  • Alex Mendoza 3 years ago

    happy birthday Coby!

  • MrUnderArmourX32 3 years ago

    Eric’s t-shirt had my name on it! I know it’s a surf brand. I used to buy a
    bunch of Rusty brand stuff because that’s my name. LOL! Awesome!

  • RaddGamerChickk 3 years ago

    Tattoos are freaking awesome, I have 4 so far… Also I just got 4 new
    piercings! Imma get a Sleeve soon, But Charles your tattoo is fucking sick!
    Love it.

  • candysmiles11 3 years ago

    what a dumb place for a tattoo

  • Angelica Flores 3 years ago

    Happy birthday Coby

  • Poppy Clemson 3 years ago

    Christine is an amazin vlog bomber

  • KingshottFootball 3 years ago

    America 🙂 

  • TheLindz1986 3 years ago

    awesome tat char!! looks like it hurt

  • craycray4lps 3 years ago

    Happy b day coby

  • AHHitskatiee 3 years ago

    Happy 9th birthday, Coby!!!

  • Maeve McNamara 3 years ago

    The tattoo is dope. So proud of you Char!

  • Joel Tamayo 3 years ago

    Hey guys!! Just went to itunes and listened to a few tracks and have to say
    ,the music is AMAZING!!!. Everyone should get it!! :-)

  • Alexander Conn 3 years ago

    Happy birthday coby 

  • 07morrishol 3 years ago

    somewhere somehow ….. a duck is watching you

  • Rick Bass 3 years ago

    happy 9th birthday coby

  • TheUnfortuNateB 3 years ago

    They do such awesome work over at Oddity Tattoo. Anyone in the
    Sarasota/Bradenton area should definitely check them out.

  • FirstFour Lines 3 years ago

    Please NEVER stop making videos! Love you guys~

  • Anne Doemer 3 years ago

    Happy 9th birthday Coby!

  • matt cumming 3 years ago

    did anyone else see the random annotation link thing in the middle of the
    end slate that wasn’t linked to anything

  • Lloyd James 3 years ago

    I started making videos because of youtubers like you and now im a partner
    and thats my dream come true! 😀 love the videos

  • ellie rose 3 years ago

    my oven is singing to me! LMAO I ♥ u guys

  • Ibby Ajam 3 years ago


  • Sam Orbell 3 years ago

    I am in the UK and watch you everyday. Although the album is not as popular
    over here I love it. It’s my new favourite album and you guys are my new
    favourite band!!! 

  • Brandon Domervil-Caswell 3 years ago

    Happy birthday Kobe 

  • Visiblecomet 3 years ago

    i would not of got it that big.

  • haley kokenos 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday Coby!!!!!!!!

  • juanthenerfwarrior32 3 years ago

    7-8-12 at 1:24

  • Matthijs Meijerink 3 years ago

    Sorry Charles I always support your dicisions but I think this wasn’t a
    smart choice. That big and that ovius howerever I stil love you guys!

  • Daniel Pavlansky 3 years ago

    happy birthday coby :)

  • WhisperHope03 3 years ago

    Happy birthday Coby!!!! 

  • Iconapop1 3 years ago

    Does anyone else listen to Travis singing at the end of the vlogs? I know I

  • Skiddles1357 3 years ago

    happy birthday colby!!!

  • Joslyn G 3 years ago

    your tattoo is frickn sick and the album is amazing but I was wondering can
    you get it in stores? oh and happy birthday coby!!

  • Alex Black 3 years ago

    The letters are really girly……

  • MakeupAndSprinkles 3 years ago

    what lipstick is Alli wearing during the tattoo?

  • Brandon Whitaker 3 years ago

    I got two shirts like two weeks ago from dftba and they have come yet and
    it said they would com mid December. Do you think you can help me