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Philip Pullman’s The Butterfly Tattoo – In selected UK cinemas from October 30th, 2009. Based on the novel by the bestselling author of The Golden Compass. W…



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  • SILVERArroWGRIFFIN 3 years ago

    wasn’t the book title changed to the white mercedes??? anyweiz…awesome
    story..i’ve read this like 3x….

  • Applemask 3 years ago

    I’m so glad they’re making this.

  • Danneger: A Sugar Hamster 3 years ago

    a perfect homage to a book of sterling craftsmanship. i can only
    congratulate Mr. Pullman.

  • IDMSH 3 years ago

    not how I pictured jenny at all..

  • Mskitty19911 3 years ago

    Well, i wish they finish the series 🙁

  • Frank Jacobs 3 years ago

    Hi Phil, I’m proud of working with you watching this mate! Cheers, Frank

  • LucifersAngelFell 3 years ago

    @MidnightSun181 you can really see who stalks magrath when you come onto

  • Bordersboy 3 years ago

    Philip Pullman’s THE BUTTERFLY TATTOO is screening from Friday 17th April
    at Laemmle’s Grande 4-plex 345 S. Figueroa St. Downtown LA, 90071
    213-617-0268. Showings on the… Fri 17th at 5.10pm and 9.30pm Sat 18th at
    1.00pm 5.10pm 9.30pm Sun 19th at 1.00pm 5.10pm 9.30pm Mon 20th at 5.10pm.
    Region 1 DVD available to pre-order from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  • adamface1 3 years ago

    my band have supported A Silent Film at the carling academy in oxford and
    are supporting them in 2 more oxford dates in early 09, check there myspace
    in the new year for details

  • Annabella56 3 years ago

    Hi train man the film looks good from the train girl!

  • Viktorija Sakalauskaite 3 years ago

    maybe someone know second song name?

  • OllyPillon 3 years ago

    Awesome… Just Awesome. jolly well done sir

  • fox4991 3 years ago

    this movie was so sad. it puts romeo and juliet to shame

  • carterado 3 years ago

    Looks like a really good movie. I’m gonna check it out.

  • butterflyTattooBTS 3 years ago

    *Don’t forget to watch in high quality!*

  • Variolord 3 years ago

    A Silent Film – Six Feet Of Rope And Revenge impossible to get the lyrics
    though 🙁

  • Saartje Emmaneel 3 years ago

    true, to much details. but great film anyway

  • Gray Sea 3 years ago

    I want this movie in my country, and I want this music on my playlist.

  • Bread Butter 3 years ago

    i want to fuck you in the asshole.

  • LaraCaitlin 3 years ago

    It’s my friends drama teacher as well LOL

  • chaotiix 3 years ago

    Good movie, but sadly.. this preview gives it away.

  • Stavroula Georgiou 3 years ago

    How read the book? It was just amazing!!

  • Mskitty19911 3 years ago

    Hey… this is real good.. now i want to watch it!!! good job!! do u know
    went the next movie of the golden compass??

  • Alana Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    They aren’t making a next movie, you probably found this out already but
    just in case 🙂

  • punketa32 3 years ago

    uhh what is it?

  • HarryKanagaratnam 3 years ago

    @SharpieeMini Bridges by InLight

  • IVONA ORSEVSKAJA 3 years ago

    whats song is playing in the movie when they met and went on a date first
    time to the club ?

  • SharpieeMini 3 years ago

    what is the name of the song at 0:14 – 0:45?

  • Sally1595 3 years ago

    Io ho letto il libro:”la farfalla tatuata” di Pullman e mi ha entusiasmato,
    perciò credo che anche il film sia fantastico!!! Personalmente ammiro molto
    Philp Pullman, ha una forza nello scrivere impressionante,un vero GENIO!

  • MoviesMusicArchieFan 3 years ago

    i really wanna watch htis, im, gonna read the book for school, did someone
    read it already, if so, please tell me how it is, cuz im not sure if its a
    good book

  • Bordersboy 3 years ago

    From 1 hr 33m (as police arrive) to 1 h 35 the track is Lullaby, by William
    Phipps. I don’t know the name of the girl singing it. From 1 hr 36
    (delivering letter) to the end the track is Bridges by Inlight. They are
    both great pieces of music and really work with what’s on screen. Both are
    on the soundtrack CD which is due out soon.

  • Burblez 3 years ago

    It looks really, really good. I can’t wait to see it! Well, hopefully I’ll
    be able to see it.

  • MortalDonkey 3 years ago

    The music at 0:49 is Six Feet of Rope and Revenge by A Silent Film. They
    also cameo in the film playing at a nightclub.

  • rickyfit 3 years ago

    it’s by inlight. the song is called ‘bridges’.

  • Applemask 3 years ago

    Other way around.

  • JoaRoselino 3 years ago

    It’s a great novel! I’m waiting for the portuguese subtitles to watch it. I
    wish it was on the cinema…

  • smallkimumm 3 years ago

    this films director phil hawkins went to my primary school and sat in the
    place is sit