Added by on March 13, 2014 Here is a compilation of some cool Religious Tattoo Designs. Enjoy!



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  • shawn betschart 3 years ago

    :36 is so awsome

  • CrashAnimeLover 3 years ago

    0:35 is the only one that I am impressed with.

  • benyboi2k8 3 years ago

    i hope that thing at the start in the top right is a tattoo aswell

  • Raafje84 3 years ago

    0.38 is just amazing …

  • TheMagsters 3 years ago

    i may be a kid but i know that my first tattoo is going to be praying hands
    with a rosary around them with my grandparents names

  • ivo saba 3 years ago

    Almeno hanno 1 significato…. in effetti il tatuaggi devono avere un
    significato…. non tribali del cazzo….. sono veramente

  • Jonathan Paluch 3 years ago

    i might get the one at :27, the only problem i have with getting it, is i
    wanted a religious tattoo thats original, obviously this one and all the
    others have already been used…

  • amzzoni 3 years ago

    veramente stupendi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • beinginhell 3 years ago

    pls first study the summerian culture before worshiping a human wake up