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  • a7xrebelrocker 3 years ago

    This is the dumbest music ever hahaha

  • 187noneed 3 years ago


  • BlackMetalHeart85 3 years ago

    The funny thing is that Christians interpret the Bible in his own image and likeness …
    The eleventh commandment says you can skip any section of the Bible if you don’t like it…

  • clew310 3 years ago

    Ugly as tattoos

  • crisbian floyde 3 years ago

    My tattoo is better than any one of these! My tattoo is religious and it represents my faith and I am very proud of it!!! And I guarantee that nobody has a tattoo that is as original as mine!

  • Edow Boeck 3 years ago

    I’m musliman but 1:11 is very good

  • falconoline56 3 years ago

    Leviticus letviticus leviticus.. Yes the Lord does say do not tattoo or cut your body and everyone drags that on, what about Isaiah 49:15-16?
    “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!
    (16) See, I [God] have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.” Jesus in a sense gave himself a tattoo. I believe any tattoo meant towards God and your love for him is OK.

  • Jenna Walker 3 years ago

    okay, i have to agree THOSE kinds of christians are scary… but Protestants just want poeple to see the loving God we know, nothing hateful or hurtful just that he loves you like CRAZY

  • Jenna Walker 3 years ago

    its funny how atheists make fun of christians and attack us. If they dont believe, then dont and leave us alone. Its because deep down, they know the truth and take it out on the believers because theyre afraid of their future.

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    condescending much….

  • falconoline56 3 years ago

    May God help you guide your lost and hopeless life.

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    I would never walk off a cliff for you there hun. Don’t get so high and mighty. I love my life, I don’t need to spend my days turning into an atheist zealot. But w.e., go be a bitter old bitch, I’m done, I’m returning to my non pathetic life so that you may return to your insipid pathetic one.

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    is it depresses you so much go take a long walk of a short cliff and do us all a favor whiny bitch

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    freedom of speech bitch. plus i don’t care if you or anyone else believes in made up stories i however was pointing out that getting tattoos was against the law in the bible and how Christians love to bend those rules to there liking.

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    It’s deplorable to see people like you trolling around waiting for people to mention God just so you can denounce it. Go watch Richard Dawkins – “What if you’re wrong?” , and for your sake, I hope there is a hell just so you can go to it..

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    If it’s how people feel safe or makes them cope with a strenuous bleak existence, let them. Why should you care. It seriously depresses me to see atheists making through on the stereotype that we are narcissistic pretentious assholes that everyone makes us out to be. If it weren’t for people like you, opening your fucking mouth and spewing your ostentatious bullshit we wouldn’t have that stereotype. Get a fucking clue, and a life. Why watch religion videos anyway.

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    I really don’t see what you would have to gain anyway. It’s not like they are going to suddenly chhhhannngeeee their minds just cause one sad lonely pathetic little youtube preacher says that “God isn’t real” Oh noooo god isn’t real just cause this one asshole sad so. Oh if only that worked hun, if that EVER worked we wouldn’t have the amount of religions in the world as we do today. Oh and believe me, we tried to suppress every culture out there.

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    He let himself die, for the “saviour” of us, the people who sin. He died to take the sin we caused. You must have some sort of sad ass life if you have to come on here and “defend” yourself from people for what they believe in. I hate to see people get all up in arms over a subject that will never dramatically effect their lives. It’s sad and pathetic. If it isn’t going to effect you personally, why care and sound like an ass who “thinks” he’s right just cause he doesn’t believe.

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    I never once said I believed in the bible there darling. But I don’t condemn peoiple for what they believe in like SOME atheists. You’re just as bad as the Christians who preach. Saying that all Christians act like the Westboro Babtist Church is like saying all atheists go and shoot up schools. And yes they’re are other factors of crucifixion. You do realize that EVERYONE was crucified on that hill. Murderers, rapists, theives, EVERYONE, and they were generally tied to it, not nailed

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    but all these causes done to a GOD shouldn’t matter and god is Immortal cant die your god did hence not a god just a man looking to cash in on gullible superstitious people like the many con artistes out there or maybe he was just crazy who knows.

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    ive read that silly story book by nomads and the only real Christians that follow that evil book to the letter is westboro baptist and you see how they act.

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    lol like a zombie lol silly stories for silly people. and BTW if you had read your silly fantasy book you would see he was tried and convicted in a roman court and executed like a criminal dog he was.

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    if you read your silly fantasy book you would know he was only up their for 4-6 hours before being taken down MORON! maybe you should read up on the process its not always the dehydration that gets you.Death could result from any combination of causes blood loss, hypovolemic shock, or sepsis following infection, or by the process of being nailed itself, dehydration, when the whole body weight was supported by the stretched arms, the typical cause of death was asphyxiation

  • secretisis69 3 years ago

    You should read up on the process of crucifixion you tool. Nailed to the board and left there to starve and dehydrate. It’s not the process of being nailed to the board, its the dying of no food and water, so try to use the 10 points of IQ you possess and try reading up on facts before you come off sounding like an a-hole.

  • Tuna Clezie 3 years ago

    hahah isn’t it a sin to get a tattoo?

  • SerboZzRecordZz 3 years ago

    very beautyfull tatoos @ all the fucking comunists where only writes shit: FUCK YOU you are all stupid bastards you are all apes? so go back to the jungle and fuck yourself stupid idiots

  • gemini0815 3 years ago

    that is not to be taken literally. That quote is in regards to the pagan rituals…they would cut into the bodies of the dead and they would tattoo pagan related symbols and this is what God is referring to.

  • SydVicious1357 3 years ago

    its so ironic when people get religious tattoos

  • sh9683 3 years ago

    it did not take him don, he rose from the dead! he chose to do it! if it was not his plan it would not have happened!

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    your god is a pansy nail to a board 50cent got shot 9 times and hes still around 3 nails and a spear is all that is needed to take down your god.. hope he does come back remember you shoot zombies in the head to put them down for good

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    best place to do it…

  • zarassien 3 years ago

    personally i could give a rats ass if you put zombie Jesus on your skin I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of doing something the bible prohibits when at the same time yelling at people violating your mystical book of rules

  • dakotawint 3 years ago

    every one of these fucking tattoos are shit