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Removing Kimberley Vlaminck’s fifty-six star tattoos in Adobe Photoshop. I’m sorry for every mistakes in the modified photo, I’m not good in photographic ret…



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  • Richie Toker 3 years ago

    looks worse

  • ForeverMinexoxo 3 years ago

    I could do it better.

  • Gergely Horváth 3 years ago

    She’s even uglier! 😀

  • misplacednewyawker 3 years ago

    Its bad enough these dumbasses mar their bodies but their faces as well ???

  • Cynthia Sengphong 3 years ago

    Now she looked like she has a bruise.

  • guitarliam5 3 years ago

    what is the point?

  • Dante Smith 3 years ago

    @GxTT4 “spot healing brush doesn’t make you an expert”

  • Michael Peter Füstumum 3 years ago

    @guitarliam5 The point is to see her without tattoos.

  • Jen Holtgreven 3 years ago

    it was already proven that she lied. she retracted her statement and

  • Daenerys mother of dragons 3 years ago

    @13Jaysun13 yep i agree i have a small Hello kitty tattoo on my lower
    back[which i wanted and i love] and it bloody hurt getting it done i was
    gripping the back of the chair chewing on a toffee theirs no way in hell i
    could have slept through it but she later admited she WANTED the tattoos

  • Rob Flanders 3 years ago

    still ugle

  • CrunchPictures 3 years ago

    @13Jaysun13 She claims she passed out, i think a normal tattoo artist would
    not continue the job if someone is passed out but still, have you seen the
    guy who gave her the tattoo..Look like not really the smartest person.. I’m
    still with you on this one..I think you are right..

  • Briana Littrell 3 years ago

    My dad doesn’t drink. I think he passed out or something.

  • april summer 3 years ago

    how do u do that

  • Eos Karlsson 3 years ago

    Haha 😀 I think this video is more funny without ‘the point’.. it’s Humor

  • jemama zingt 3 years ago

    i can do that with picnik too.. (:

  • valpalGO 3 years ago

    God couldnt you speed it up?I skipped like 90 percent of it

  • af2000gt 3 years ago

    another problem solved by photoshop (like my last school certificate)

  • spacegoon 3 years ago

    such a troll… wont even show what tool ur using…

  • MrChannel5news 3 years ago

    @MichaelPeterFustumum you were suppose to leave her with 3 tattoos

  • Richard Grant 3 years ago

    @MissRikaMalfoy ill be what ever the fuck i wanna be. And its my opinion so

  • XxFrostFurxX 3 years ago

    It looks like a huge bruise

  • AvengedSyns 3 years ago

    Ya gay.

  • DaRKDEFIANCE0games 3 years ago

    Gah fuck, put them back!

  • ROVIC111295 3 years ago

    I hope we have Photoshop in real life. I mean in REAL REAL LIFE. so
    removing tattoos will be no pain ! LOL!

  • vwdubgirl 3 years ago

    Hahaha, if only it was that easy. Stupid people THINK before you get
    something done permanent! She could have drew them on with a Sharpie.
    Sem-permanent. LOL

  • blanchefful 3 years ago

    She clearly lied about it. I remember when it happened I was in a tattoo
    shop waiting for my turn and the tattoo artists were talking about it, they
    said it was so stupid and that it is impossible for her to have slept thru
    it unless she was under anesthesia! How true! She doesn’t seem to be in any
    hurry to have them removed, does she? Do you suppose she is keeping the
    stars to get people to feel sorry for herself or what?

  • Frost Imp 3 years ago

    @Alidarose97 she admitted she lied.