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Hey guys! This was requested by Chastity, aka pdbncbb, and I thought it was such an awesome idea! Thanks for the request sweetie! Here is the link to her cha…



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  • chachalish 3 years ago

    your so good very nice work

  • Jen W. 3 years ago

    Soooo cool! I really like Koi fish and I love this, you’re so talented and
    I enjoy watching your videos. They always amaze me. :]

  • ginabinawina 3 years ago

    holy crap you’re friggin amazing! =O

  • J3nnix 3 years ago

    You are so talented ,awesome and pretty! 😀 <3

  • rawr81itssarah 3 years ago

    not to mention the KICK AWESOME drawings!!! i only wish i could draw like

  • pdbncbb 3 years ago

    That is sooo AMAZING! you are so awesome and talented! thanks for doing the
    look and throwing my name out there! 😉 you ROCK!! 😀 and i LOVE your eye
    makeup too! the colors are soo pretty! work it girl! lol

  • cj222100 3 years ago

    love her eye makeup!

  • jenlea8 3 years ago

    This is amazing! You are so talented!

  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    thanks doll! i would love to see some of your work sometime. <3

  • pdbncbb 3 years ago

    well, she’s from SPARTA! lol dumb i know

  • knytecraller 3 years ago

    Seriously what do you do for a living cause you need to be an artist, or
    some sort of avaunt guard makeup artist!!! Your talent is SICK!!

  • Diana Villa 3 years ago

    FABULOUZ!.i love ur drawings:]i draw to..and im obsessed with make up:]

  • staceybrennan 3 years ago

    wow!!! this is gorgeous!! 5 stars!!!

  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    lol thanks so much sweetie <3

  • ASHbeauty84 3 years ago

    U are an awesome artist!

  • Dana Lajeunesse 3 years ago

    beautiful!! great job my friend..xo

  • perecrestok 3 years ago

    Unreal!!! Love it!!!

  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    aww THANK YOU so much doll! <3

  • Annett Werner 3 years ago

    wow I love your drawings!!! So talented. I love to paint and draw tooo!!!
    and the koi on your face is great!!! LOve love!! 5 stars sweetheart!!

  • babyjanny 3 years ago

    this is just insane.. u keep coming up with more amazing looks! 😮 im so
    jealous i cant come up with so cool things, lol

  • xxJamProductionsxx 3 years ago


  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    thanks sweetie <3

  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    thanks doll <3

  • laprincesaencantada1 3 years ago

    I love your videos girl

  • mawasim2002 3 years ago

    u are a superb artist!

  • Sancy Marie 3 years ago

    u are soooooooooooo talented, I’m absolutely in love wit all of ur vids
    :D………..keep up the good work 😀

  • dzenyPl 3 years ago

    wow thats amazing,great job!

  • watsonti 3 years ago

    ridiculously good ohhhh my lord woman

  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    oh thank you i really appreciate that : )

  • crazykitty243 3 years ago

    I love koi fishes! They are my favorite!!! 😀

  • SinderellaX3X3 3 years ago

    Beautiful! not easy to sketch freehand unless a person knows how to draw
    really well, and you are that person! Much credit given to where it is due.

  • mishyb1979 3 years ago

    woman u are AMAZING

  • pdbncbb 3 years ago

    🙁 ok, fail for me. my bad!

  • goldiestarling 3 years ago

    thanks ash! hehe maybe ill be a tattoo artist in my next life, for now i
    gotta stick to animation.

  • toigerr 3 years ago

    omg this is amazing you are phenomenol keep it up you are trully and
    inspiration to many

  • poppoed 3 years ago

    luv ya work here. i have a full sleeve done telling the whole story. a
    young koi. a older koi, then a koi this point the koi dragon is
    no longer in water but comin in2 smoke with a dragon coming over my
    shoulder in2 a chest plate. the 3 koi’s stand 4 my girls n wat they will
    grow up 2 be.

  • QueenLeilani 3 years ago

    i like your version of drawing the koi fish….especially the big eyes. it
    draws you in to the picture.

  • cookaustralia 3 years ago

    I was blown away that you are one of the first to mention about the Legend
    I am getting a koi tattoo soon and because my g/f made me feel like that
    koi swimming up stream to strive to be the best and change

  • aSyMbolden 3 years ago

    So so sosososososoooooo amazing. Within those waves I would have loved to
    see a teal or green hue within the depths-> contrasting the white, to bring
    out more of your beautiful iris color. YOU ARE AMAZING AND TALENTED!! <3!!