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samoan tribal tattoos Click here: To look at more tattoo designs tribal tattoos scorpio symbol tribal tattoos sagittarius tribal ta…



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  • lancesamals 3 years ago

    What part of these tattoos are samoan? Research be for u post things

  • veinbags 3 years ago

    most of these arn’t samoan tatoos just a bunch of squiggly lines with no

  • superfunnyali 3 years ago

    muso ko i ka barra it comes with your windows media player…Well it did
    with mine 😀

  • TruBr0 3 years ago


  • Bruce Lee 3 years ago

    …sumone should tattoo ur face with a Samoan jandal!!

  • otkrobertson 3 years ago

    Hey kids!Stop the violence!Yu fukers is the fight ish da do muchhhdd.All’d
    of yu ard dah samed andh lovd ids otheder….lol…lol..

  • stinty29 3 years ago

    samoan my ass!! I bet it was a non samoan who posted this & if it is a
    samoan you gotta be one plastic mutha!! I am deeply insulted! our tats have
    meaning, class & mana a few things all those shown lack!!

  • Janice M 3 years ago

    @funefeai. Forreal! Buahahaha!

  • LoniDeeze 3 years ago

    as beautiful as these tattoos are, thier not samoan traditioanl/tribal
    tattoos..but they are awesome none the less.

  • pinoybenicio 3 years ago

    This is some palagi shit! NOT SAMOAN TATTOO… And wats up with the music?

  • igotpimped 3 years ago

    This is wack, and the person who said this are better than Samaon Tattoos,
    You are a FUCKIN STUPID. FUCK all you Palagis

  • MrSolekidd 3 years ago


  • bipbipc 3 years ago

    you gotta be kidding thats fuckn african music as well must be german s
    palagi seko

  • Namz SOATINI 3 years ago

    what da shit. man these aint samoan tattoos samoan tatts r triangles those
    r tahitian maori azz well ass

  • KiLLAC0C0nuT 3 years ago


  • HosiMaterial 3 years ago

    hahaha not close to being a samoan tatt samoan tatt island polynesian tatts
    are way better

  • PickleTennisWierner 3 years ago


  • sauiai 3 years ago

    @osmushou you must be from masai tribe in kenyan desert,coz this shit aint
    SAMOAN!! do your research first before you upload a video next time you
    stupid fool!!!

  • stay true 3 years ago

    okay i think the titile needs to be changed i dont think the person who
    posted this video has a clue on what samoan tattoos really are

  • igotpimped 3 years ago

    Fuck this man, this shit is not SAMAON.

  • VICTOR GILBERT 3 years ago

    wat the hell is this stuff? ole mea pepelo, kago ave le video lea e mamogo
    lou muli! komo!

  • FuneFeai 3 years ago

    “Waisting” Time???? At least you could have correct spelling! LOL

  • TSKeoni 3 years ago

    NOT ONE SAMOAN TAT in the whole video

  • 4QMUNZ 3 years ago

    LoL…If only the girls with tha tattoos were samoan..jkz…but on a
    serious note,these designs aint samoan!! …but they look good though!!
    Nice Work!!

  • kauT0NGANz 3 years ago

    you palagis should stick with your designs, which is NOTHIN

  • 761375biguso 3 years ago


  • DBOATYZ 3 years ago

    yeah this is not samoan coz they are look better than the samoan one.. some
    of it are maori

  • onebigsole 3 years ago

    Palagi, tago lu ufa!

  • frostfarao 3 years ago

    ……..these guys aey ? enwaez nahr i fink these tattoos a from kenya oa
    somthing, dhahaha buh tha music i fink from……. there ASS!!!!! KEFE

  • merrallani 3 years ago

    a’e…se komo ia oe ma ou pe’a sole…aua le pepelo oe i kagaka samoa…a’o
    le mea malie…makua le malamalama a oe i o’u kala ia e faiaku…gae e le’o
    se samoa lou ga’au…aua koe post gi mea pesto fa’apea li kamz..kasi a le
    pe’a e maua e oe..o le uliuli o lou maka kamakau…lol…basically….dont
    fake the funk and put “samoan” as part of ur title…especially when its
    not samoan…thass how fawkaz get laid out….ia faafetai lava ia te oe..le

  • d3wCeeJa3 3 years ago

    lol…better??….plz dont openly display ur ignorance like the person who
    uploaded this video…i didnt see any samoan tattoos…and if u think it
    lookz better thatz ur opinion doesnt meant that they are….

  • navutokaboy 3 years ago

    im sure samoan and polynesian tattoos are way better…why did your
    ignorant arse upload this?

  • namaniane 3 years ago

    nice tho’ but definately not Samoan. Some look Marquesian and not
    originals. Taken out of a book perhaps. Sorry, we Samoans are a Very Proud
    race as you can see. No offense to the owner of this video. And by the way,
    many Samoans are mixed no need to call out one race. Karma comes back to
    you. Soifua

  • Serah Tuugatiti 3 years ago

    I am sorry but this stuff ain’t Samoan at all

  • sangbang212 3 years ago

    what song is this?