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A collection of some really nice tattoo designs. Most of them are sexy tattoos and you have to like the women. Courtesy of: …



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  • maja naseva 3 years ago

    Hello! Have you tried – Aurikchs Amazing Infinite Tattoos (search on
    google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got
    excellent money with it, becauz there are about thousands of tattoo sample
    to download and use.

  • Markeivan Smith 3 years ago

    @SkankinRobots Please kill yourself. You have no idea of the symbolism, the
    abstract beauty, the tradition, and the reverence involved in Tribal
    tattoos. Tribal tattoos are first and foremost a sign of a warrior. A proud
    testament to what you stand for. Myself, I have tribals, two angelic
    sigils, and runes on me. And As much as I hate to drop to the level of
    doing this on the internet, I promise if you said such a one sided,
    disrespectful thing to me, around me, or in my general vicinity, I PROMISE,
    not probably would, but PROMISE I WOULD, Slam my fist in your face and
    break your jaw beyond repair. Take that on somewhere you ignorant little

  • inkpickerdotcom 3 years ago

    Good stuff, thanks for posting

  • ab0rat6 3 years ago

    wts the music? awesome tattoos btw.

  • Yo Momma 3 years ago

    check out this tight ass colection tattoo design helper DOT COM 🙂

  • Vynx19 3 years ago

    4:04 definitely one of the best

  • Nigel D 3 years ago

    wat d name of d song

  • benjib00 3 years ago

    tribal tattoos are fucking terrible.

  • Dan Figs 3 years ago

    where can i get 4:05 tattoo?

  • anas d c 3 years ago

    3:01 !! :O nice one

  • jdz8989 3 years ago

    Tribal tattoos are fucking disgusting

  • tobysoter 3 years ago

    2:37 awesome

  • xXVacantHeartXx 3 years ago

    @SomeTallGy Your a douche or a tramp to base your opinion on some one
    simply because they have a tribal.

  • Nicetribaltattoo 3 years ago


  • wizard69100 3 years ago

    as the song is called answered this video please?

  • ZeroLiche 3 years ago

    Yay it’s so original

  • Nicholas Thompson 3 years ago

    @haris949 i was thinking the same thing get them in color would be better

  • sGsApoc 3 years ago

    3:07 is perfect

  • v7unit 3 years ago

    name of song?

  • idontknowyou123456 3 years ago

    if youre thinking of getting a tatoo this site is a must for design ideas

  • SkankinRobots 3 years ago

    get a real tattoo you pussies. tribal is for little girls.

  • DirtyFruitGuy 3 years ago

    Great collection of tats. Perfect music for this.

  • alejoramosbueno 3 years ago

    3:59 God of war xD

  • patlidzan n 3 years ago

    hehe i know best tatoo ever

  • dnlson69 3 years ago

    haha you dumb xD you jnow what i meant 😛