Added by on July 28, 2014 A look at the variety of tattoos you can see at Tiger, and two local tattoo studios where guests…



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  • Aaron Veverka 2 years ago

    More about the rich traditions behind Muay Thai tattoos:

  • Mohd Haswan 2 years ago

    More about the rich traditions behind Muay Thai tattoos:

  • bob harry 2 years ago

    cant w8 to rain at tiger and yes ill be up for a tradional thai tatt

  • Ryan Fry 2 years ago

    This was a truly brilliant and insightfull video.I learned a lot about the
    importance of meaning behind traditional thai tattoos .God bless tiger muay
    thai.I pray for the that I will be able to visit this wonderfull place.

  • Henderson Path 2 years ago

    very great change up in videos! enjoyed it.

  • a45sArtwork 2 years ago


  • george battersbee 2 years ago

    if you got a sak yant in any of these places would it be considered to be
    an authentic sak yant tattoo??

  • 浩伟 Lim 2 years ago

    what is the feeling like when being tattooed??

  • ichigekixedge 2 years ago

    0:38. Nice straight edge tattoo:). Always really cool to see another
    straight edge martial artist

  • Jeremysw2 2 years ago

    shut up faggot nobody cares

  • Ali ho 2 years ago

    Hello, bro can i know what you wear aroud your neck ?

  • ZiooR 2 years ago

    how much did you pay for 6 hours?

  • Keh Yi cheng 2 years ago

    i will be heading to phuket this weekend…any idea where can i put sak
    yant in phuket island by monk…i research on the net but cannot seem to
    find any

  • 王 銘毅 2 years ago

    HELLO,BROTHER!! I’ll go to BKK for having a tatoo on my body at June with
    my girlfriend,can you introduce some good tatoo maters with magic for me!!
    I’m a Buddhist too!! I want to make my fortune and health good and make a
    fortune for my family!! please not too expensive just due to that I’m a
    tourist guy, Sucre Wangis my name in FB!! is my
    email help me too much business men make money through the tatoo tourist

  • haaaan 2 years ago


  • bob harry 2 years ago

    lol whats up your arse? let me guess your grandfathers butt plug which he
    made while in the trenches in ww2, to remind him self of his secret lover
    back home?true or not, i think it is lil jeremy

  • Wolf Pool 2 years ago

    I miss M!

  • Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand 2 years ago

    A great master of sak yant in BKK is Ajarn Thoy. Google search and you can
    find a lot of info about him.

  • aidsandfire 2 years ago

    Many thanks to Oh for my tattoo and his krabi krabong classes. I cherish it
    greatly and have so much respect his passion, dedication, spirituality and
    knowledge. I’ll never forget the time i spent at tiger muay thai and cant
    wait to go back.

  • Denys Ladygin 2 years ago