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Skin Deep is the second instalment of Thinkhouse’s ‘Youth Culture Series’ – a documentary series that explores various youth cultures across Ireland. In this…



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  • xaxsimplexescapex 3 years ago

    this was beautifully produced 

  • Interesting how many comments using the term “trashto”. That everyone with
    a tattoo is shallow hipster garbage. I have two, and I have yet to find
    anyone with the same, and the third I’m getting I designed (along with a
    lot of other ones I’m planning on getting). But even if it is a common one,
    the same tattoo can mean something completely different depending on the
    person. People often get a tattoo because they want to mark something about
    themselves or something that happened. Tattoos are highly symbolic, it’s
    not about the image it’s about the meaning behind it. 

  • Rob Phillips 3 years ago

    Song is Bill Blood – “Being in love” … Spotify link here:

  • Larris Viado Liew 3 years ago

    very well shot, kudos

  • jiden sobska 3 years ago

    Love how every fucking person on youtube is an expert on every subject, Not
    everyone gets tattoos and it is nowhere near mainstream and neither will it
    ever be, fuck off.

  • smithyrtd 3 years ago

    Guys can i ask what camera you mainly shoot with as i love the look of your
    videos. Thanks

  • epicme dan 3 years ago

    If you like tattoos wacht Tattoo Age !!!!!!!!

  • Filip Dutkiewicz 3 years ago

    i used to live in dublin
    had a harsh time finding a job with my tattoos
    ended up having to cover them up.

  • Richard Koons 3 years ago

    Yeah he is so right, 10 years ago it was only in the metal and hardcore
    scene and sorta kinda making its way elsewhere. Now it has blown up and
    everyone has them.

  • Nash Blueline 3 years ago

    6:37 ACID 

  • Sabrina Mary 3 years ago

    This was really wonderful in every aspect, I loved it! I am writing a paper
    on a similar topic, and I would love to use this as a source, is there a
    director I can cite?

  • ZombiePharoh 3 years ago

    Some of the tattooers in this made some good points. But man. Nobody has to
    accept your tattoos or how you look. Accept yourself. You can be a whinny
    flag waving hipster with you gay ass face tattoos and fancy haircut and
    Victorian beard. what the FUCK are you hipsters gonna do when your wanna be
    traditional tattoos are no longer the cool vintage style. 

  • Lucy Wheater-Yexley 3 years ago

    Tattoos aren’t always stupid…mine is very meaningful and I love it!

  • Reasonprogress 3 years ago

    this “documentary” if it can be called that i just a faggot hipster self
    indulgent millennial peice of trash. Peope with trashtoos need to get one
    thing straight: Its not expressing yourself! Someone ELSE used your body
    for their self expression and your hipster untalented ass is just walking
    around holding their drawing (a 5 yr old can draw most trashtoos).
    And you walk around like you’re cool when u didn’t even draw it. How i
    can’t think of something more pathetic. Oh and by the way…Trashtoos don’t
    look beautiful or cool…they look like garbage on the ground.

  • Sagar Gautam 3 years ago

    Can you guys please check out my documentary on tattoos, with no budget

  • Neezy Cruz 3 years ago

    I am hella tattd neck and sleeve and I am 22 im an idoit

  • frothen ride 3 years ago

    Alot of incredibly talented tattoo artist will tell you that not every
    tattoo has to mean something special to you, or resemble something. Most
    tattoo’s are on peoples skin because they look fucking sick, not because
    its to honour their grandma or something.

  • oddrealism 3 years ago

    Tattoos are accepted but from a poor reason. That being that is not much
    about culture or what it meant at one point only that its tempting to get
    one because its what people hype up. Same thing with clothes. It’s hard to
    find something pure or something done with pure intentions

  • Richard Koons 3 years ago

    I have been apart of the tattoo culture and lifestyle since 2003, I was
    only 16 going to hardcore shows in Jacksonville, Florida, and I have
    watched so many tattoo trends come and go, and it made me change my path
    back then this lifestyle was so underground and now its blown up. I have
    tattoos but mine are so original and completely unique and things I came up
    with. Being patient and waiting to get tattoos is the best advice I can
    give to anyone. It is super easy to get 20 stars on your arms, or dumb
    stuff on your chest. It is super hard to be original and creative and come
    up with your own tattoo ideas. Be PATIENT everyone.

  • Mike Cook 3 years ago

    If one more dickhole says “hipster” or “trashtoo”, I’m going on a killing
    spree…. People need to grow the fuck up.

  • Reasonprogress 3 years ago

    Hey America…No one wants to see nor cares about your trashtoo’s

  • Reasonprogress 3 years ago

    this emo documentary like trashtoos is just self indulgent crap

  • kid FlaSh life 3 years ago


  • michael galeano 3 years ago

    Whats the name of the song that plays at 1:25 -1:45

  • zac fro 3 years ago

    Glad I found this! Good shit mates

  • CattGraphics 3 years ago

    Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder

  • kwaters22 3 years ago

    Agreed on that. It sounds like the audio was recorded on an iPhone.

  • daleincisions 3 years ago


  • Tallon 3 years ago

    This is brilliant! If I can add a tip? The narrator needs to get a better
    microphone or a pop filter 🙂 Great though 🙂

  • omniumeyes 3 years ago

    very good.

  • Julia eh 3 years ago

    Cool or not, I’ll always love my ink

  • Bobby Rebholz 3 years ago

    Anybody who doesn’t accept tattoos isn’t worth having as a friend.

  • Marcus Unitis 3 years ago

    A waste of money making stupid looking people even more stupid looking.

  • pingublood92 3 years ago

    awesome 🙂 i shall keep sharing