Added by on August 1, 2014 Skulls! Skulls! Skulls! These are skull tattoos taken from



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  • MrAWYATTMAN 3 years ago

    GBA MOBB 4EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • myguns85 3 years ago

    @portalpwner mcdonalds french fries last a very long time lol just check
    out “McDonalds Food – The Truth”

  • ten8goa 3 years ago

    The chick at 0:46 sec is awful looking. What a waste of a hot body.

  • brokenarrow2222 3 years ago

    we no longer have to go to see freak shows, Just look at the people coming
    out of the tattoo parlors.

  • مالك محمد 3 years ago


  • DigitalDirect2011 3 years ago

    cool shit

  • Piotrek Dębski 3 years ago

    I’ve found, The Posies-I Guess You’re Right

  • ph. abdullah 3 years ago

    الوشم يسبب سرطان الجلد .. Tattoo is the first cause of cancer of skin this
    not my talk this from resarsh

  • André Raposo 3 years ago

    whats the name of the song? please

  • John Oliver 3 years ago

    @rochelle1088 their called rub on tatoos lol

  • CyanIdeJunkee 3 years ago

    no offense, but i have 6 skull tats and they’re all better than
    these….nice work, but the Style…..

  • Horrorclown2 3 years ago

    @portalpwner 80 (!!!!) fucking YEARS (!!!!) later!?!? how do you live a
    peacefull life while thinking about what will be in 80 (!!!) years from

  • Matheus Siqueira 3 years ago

    0:50 uuuhh

  • islandude55 3 years ago

    GOD DAYUM @ :38

  • KingstonPA 3 years ago

    that was cool, in the 80’s lol.

  • محنس مكنس 3 years ago

    40 قوااااااااااااااااااده ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ممحووونه
    اروووح لك تاتو

  • damn1981991 3 years ago

    @Sahadi420 better think twice before you say that, that might be a guy lol

  • ian holland 3 years ago

    Sugar skulls are awsome!

  • Sezowillaa 3 years ago

    اكيد فيه عرب هنا 😀 XD

  • ScottTVShow 3 years ago

    @TheMarlboro550 me to. haha

  • MadeInOregon27 3 years ago

    wow cool colors in the one @ 1:07 🙂

  • Beatmaker216 3 years ago

    @Sahadi420 no… she does not got a good body.. u can just tell that much.
    her booty is flat, she has no theighs neither

  • slikkar 3 years ago

    in terms of proper drawing some tats are totally wrong…total shit…the
    tattoo on ribs or the skull on the girl’s hip….

  • trev knott 3 years ago

    only one of those tatoo’s was any good i would be ashamed to say i done any
    of them other than the one i am thinkin of anyone with a eye for art would
    know the one im thinkin of sorry to the tattoo artist that done some of
    this work but is shit well the work aint but the pics are why do people
    pick such shitty work to have on their body for life

  • Greenhornet270 3 years ago

    tatoos are defacing the human body; they are disgusting….

  • Sahadi420 3 years ago

    0:52, when you have a body like that you don’t need a damn tattoo. Instead
    she has a skull on it. How trailer.

  • yasercoo 3 years ago

    طالعها كانها مزهريه وع

  • JoachimX9 3 years ago

    nobody came to see the tattoos…

  • kellina84 3 years ago

    i dont like skulls, id rather get a coffin 😛

  • tool404 3 years ago

    The one in the ear looks like he has an infection and his ears rotting.

  • František Drakobijec 3 years ago

    that ear tatoo is great, makes you look like a dirty homeless with black
    shit in your ear for everyone who is not gona use microscope

  • ideasarebulletpr00f 3 years ago

    0:39 YESSIR

  • Piotrek Dębski 3 years ago

    song ?

  • King Earp 3 years ago

    @SlyNicolai Oh there was a tattoo in that pic? Sorry didnt notice

  • MyLifeRSC 3 years ago

    Oh my god that girl bent over.. shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt that is too

  • fucklechat 3 years ago

    why did you do a video about this

  • Prkcrusader Jiggy 3 years ago

    y dont you go fuck youre allah

  • scribble71891 3 years ago

    the one @ 0:46 is my favorite

  • Иван Клевер 3 years ago

    cool tatoos!! especially 0:58

  • easynowww 3 years ago

    @stripcook Perverted sick bastards. So much for you being a gent. Always
    the uneducated typical unattractive men as you. Hate guys like you. I like
    nice guys.

  • cheaaak 3 years ago

    Everyone is going to look like shit at 80 why would it matter if you had
    tattoos or not

  • jagoff jager 3 years ago

    That V from the J cl**% rita…for sure…Gemma

  • usernametook 3 years ago

    dont go to russia there every skull= som1 u killed in russian mafia the
    bigger the skull the bigger the rank

  • H1pH0p4LiFe 3 years ago

    Lol at 0:46 i guess this photo was taken in the 90s .

  • xxIVIooIVIoofarmzxx 3 years ago

    0:48 i love the way the tatto fit in place there and the waves are amazen
    ,to all yall lookin for a cheap thrill off this ur sick -.-

  • Archy Nelson 3 years ago

    das what the fuck im saying