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Ben looks at some crazy mistakes with Chinese characters in tattoos westerners got done in China. Unfortunate mistakes with Chinese characters have left peop…




  • chan kai ming 3 years ago

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  • planebrother wu 3 years ago

    哈哈,I often see some stupid tattoo on subway and sometimes even made a wrong letter.Please learn Chinese !

  • Kevin Pellegrini 3 years ago

    Ben, your chinese is amazing, this is inspiring 🙂 I saw you in the video “The egg” haha you were very good

  • Cao Mei 3 years ago

    I only have one tattoo, on my ankle. It is a treble clef that flows into a heart and has the Japanese word “発想” with it. Eventually I wanna get a tattoo on my right arm to cover up a really big scar that goes all the way across my bicep, but I don’t know what I want. :

  • cin con 3 years ago

    Nothing wrong with chinese tatto, the problem is not respecting language ,not learning it. if you dont know meaning atleast of simbols on you. you like marked cow, who have no idea whats writen on its body.

  • Apisyo M 3 years ago

    There was this poor young woman who picked a phrase from a Chinese restaurant menu to be tattooed visibly on her arm. It said tasty and cheap.

  • KevinNivek10 3 years ago

    Whoa you’re a halfie lol. I’m guessing you’re English and Chinese?

  • mmanca100 3 years ago

    Is part of your family from Taiwan? why do u use traditional characters? funny video btw

  • misterbobat 3 years ago

    LOL, you made my day.

  • learnchinesenow 3 years ago

    That’s a fun tattoo, Made in China is 中國製造, and Ox is easily the best zodiac!!!

  • Arctic IceFox 3 years ago

    I want to get a tattoo that says “made in china” on my shoulders since I was made in china 😛 But actual chinese tattoos I would maybe want to get an ox since that’s my zodiac! Same as your’s!!

  • Sabuya100 3 years ago

    my sister get a chinese tatto, the character is “he” and XD

  • Rebekah Katedz 3 years ago

    LOL XD

  • Christopher Johnson 3 years ago

    Funny! Laughed out loud.

  • worldtravel101 3 years ago

    wūlóngchá LOL

  • sparklydaisies 3 years ago

    Good tips… had mine covered up PHEW!!!

  • freckle facci 3 years ago

    Why do so many stupid chinese women collect cans?

  • tanmenghuay 3 years ago

    Sharing Wisdom : Please Watch “淨空法師談 – 藝人拍色情影片以及穿著曝露的果報” And “淨空法師講: 打獵殺生的果報” on YouTube. Thank you, Namo Amitabha.

  • Rita Huang 3 years ago

    another tip, also pay attention to what the phrase means colloquially instead of just the individual characters. i heard a story about a girl who wanted a chinese tattoo that meant “very colorful”, so the tattoo artist tattooed: 好色. Individually, these words technically does mean very colorful, but i think it also means “slutty” in modern slang. oops. :/

  • Horace Jones 3 years ago

    Man, you guys are great.

    I’m heading to China in August for a semester, and I’ve learned a lot! Keep up the great work, and I’ll definitely keep you in my prayers.

  • guoqinzou 3 years ago

    Thanks. Did you see my seal? lol Remember the days of me doing calligraphy when I was little.

  • RSMaxxy 3 years ago

    Yup, sadly Youtube won’t let me put the web address in, but if you search Google for “Chinese name seal generator”, it should be the first result.

  • guoqinzou 3 years ago

    Yes and you’re welcome. You’ve got a nice stamp by the way. How did you get it customised? Is there a website or something?

  • RSMaxxy 3 years ago

    Ah, so it’s a generational thing then? Thanks for the info. :)

  • emmthreejonny 3 years ago

    I think the PIG tat was intentional. Not exclusively a western mistake, even other Asians who don’t read chinese get the whole thing wrong. I met this guy with, i think it was the words ‘strength’ and ‘courage’ tattooed but with every Chinese letter spelled on his arms instead of 力 and 勇 on each. But hey at least it wasn’t ‘water’ or ‘chicken’.

  • guoqinzou 3 years ago

    the young always say 纹身 as far as i know,

  • guoqinzou 3 years ago


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