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Taboo: SUNDAYS at 9p et/pt : Which is more taboo to you? Find out what these unsuspecting viewers consider…



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  • NativexoxKisses 3 years ago


  • JaceDarks 3 years ago

    the horns are more taboo in my opinion

  • RoIIingStoned 3 years ago

    Horns seem so uncomfortable

  • StaticJolts 3 years ago

    Stupid to tattoo eyeballs……good way to go blind

  • helloasroma 3 years ago

    That black guy’s got it

  • Kevin Benoit 3 years ago

    Oh I thought he was calling the people in the video freaking out about body
    modification dumb! Let me just go and unlike that post…

  • CasyCatastrophe 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t want either. I’ll stick to more normal body modifications like
    tattoos on the skin.

  • XxMuRD3RFaCExX 3 years ago

    Eye tattoo makes you look like a chimp.

  • tom5243 3 years ago

    or people are just doing something different to stick out?

  • Darrell Milner 3 years ago

    People who have lost their minds…

  • Raymond Kirk Ramos 3 years ago
  • David Black 3 years ago

    Give me the eye tattoos!

  • SumokiBatoru 3 years ago

    The horns are coming out of the skull from the top like a neko. would be

  • CogniVision 3 years ago

    Visiting the eye doctor must be a bitch after that.

  • Wooster Cat 3 years ago

    Why do you care? He may have just wanted to look badass with black eyes.

  • HadleyDGRC 3 years ago

    “Why.” The dumbest question anyone can ask.

  • Why the fuck people do this? really its stupid both things

  • Ariel Nix 3 years ago

    I would rather step on pillows

  • funderburk5 3 years ago

    Its gonna hurt like crazy to get that eye tattoo laser removed.

  • RainbowDragonet 3 years ago

    i was watching a video of a lizard eating grapes….

  • fredabomb 3 years ago

    if i could get anesthestic and feel NO pain then i’d get a pshcotic eyeball
    tattoo, cause just the thought of a needle in my eye hurts.( afraid of
    needles, don’t even like getting my finger stabbed.)

  • FREETHINKITOVA 3 years ago

    Would any of you get horns in your head – me no speaky engrish – ok come
    with me.

  • Celia S 3 years ago

    I don’t think that the eye would hold the ink long. Kinda like a lip
    tattoo. The body will end up removing the ink on its own

  • Andres Dominguez-Cuevas 3 years ago

    not exactly, im not sure if it is the aqueous humor or the vitreous humor,
    hell i might not even have the right section of the eyeball, but i know one
    of those liquids never changes, if its that then he’s going to have that
    till he dies…

  • joshrobertcassey 3 years ago

    i would rather tazor my balls than either… but those two are brave ..
    crazy as hell but brave

  • Manafan32 3 years ago

    hold on there.. lol too far.

  • sean12345678901 3 years ago

    at least they arnt showing asshole tattoing when i heard bout that i was
    thinking why

  • WASITO93 3 years ago

    You are a moron.