Added by on April 5, 2014 short doc on tattoo artist Butterfly.



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  • giftyanjani 3 years ago

    what is the title of the backsound?

  • nofutureface 3 years ago


  • Syd Woodward 3 years ago

    haha…well dang i guess i just cant to any thing right….shit

  • bcharlesal 3 years ago

    Hey thre, does she have a website with her work ? Vinterested.

  • LarhsynMunroSmith 3 years ago

    nice doco

  • Axel Zamudio 3 years ago

    which is the name of the track to the start?

  • Alisha Schloesser 3 years ago

    who is she, does she have a website?? i am manifesting such an artist to
    work on me

  • Jon Baez 3 years ago

    Very nice I am impressed as always!!!!

  • visar sopjani 3 years ago

    Id rather see all those colours rather then have the thing in black and
    white ? why black and white ? why piano background ?

  • sora colorhawk 3 years ago

    hey jenn d if you want to send me an email address… xx sora xx

  • Bindi Foster-Brown Gypsical Lyrical 3 years ago

    And so the tribe grows…. Just beauty-full butter, truely awesome – you
    foremostly, from which all else flows – your story, the ink and the video.
    High time i say, only small gripe is it could be much much longer. Move
    over Kat von D. Nah, plenty room enough for two sassy uber talented tattoo
    warrior women. I love you x

  • AerialDreamz 3 years ago

    beautiful perspective

  • Christine Sutherland 3 years ago

    Yay Butterfly, you are such a bright soul!

  • ELCeeTheCutfella 3 years ago

    @kingpoop69…never call it a gun mate…it’s a machine… and depending on
    the spotmost people I’ve hured about it sayed the traditional way is less
    painfull than the machine…I only had the machine,so far 😉

  • SoundArtist 3 years ago

    Big up and Big Love!

  • normajeantbs 3 years ago

    She Is Amazing!!

  • Contraproductive 3 years ago

    can i find out more about her anywhere?:)

  • sora colorhawk 3 years ago

    so, i have a new contact for anyone who is interested >>> sora xixi
    hawkstone (aka butterfly) with love xxx syd im so thankful for your support

  • Vinny Singh 3 years ago

    This is cool! she does it by hand. LEGIT!

  • ippyisgod 3 years ago

    fuck, what was the original of this song called?

  • Miyako Hatsumi 3 years ago

    can i know her name?

  • Syd Woodward 3 years ago

    search Xixi Butter Fly on facebook

  • HighlyIsnae999 3 years ago

    great vid btw!

  • Jordan Laws 3 years ago

    volcanoes 🙂

  • sam hansen 3 years ago

    awesome vid! what is more painful gun or natural??

  • pillazilla 3 years ago


  • oOVocalKillerOo 3 years ago

    Of Porcelain – Signal the Captain (Ooah, Glitch Mob)

  • art1844lotus 3 years ago

    I love you! Thank you!

  • Александър Петков 3 years ago

    does she have a website with her work?

  • Salim Saadaoui 3 years ago

    my name is salim saadaoui u can find me on facebook i like u art , really i

  • guitarpacifier1 3 years ago

    what is the song of this documentary, very chilled?

  • HighlyIsnae999 3 years ago

    track id plz 🙂

  • md sameer 3 years ago

    wow very nice son

  • K05TJ4 3 years ago

    3:28 😛

  • oOVocalKillerOo 3 years ago

    Of Porcelain – Signal the Captain (Ooah, Glitch Mob)

  • Armen Sarkisov 3 years ago

    loved the cinema style, the grainy look just great. loved the sound on the
    background even that sometime its was to high. great job!!!

  • taggy mat 3 years ago

    If you still have that email would it be possible for me to get it as well?
    I’d love to find out if she is looking for people to tattoo.

  • oOVocalKillerOo 3 years ago

    the name of the song is Of Porcelain – Signal the Captain (Ooah, Glitch

  • Francesco Leo 3 years ago