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  • adisharr 3 years ago

    I could really go for a Yoohoo right now.

  • Mumbling Masochist 3 years ago


  • xXEsmeeAllisonXx 3 years ago

    The only thing that really grossed me out was the fact that the dr could
    stick their finger into some sort of back pocket?! ewwwww!!!

  • Proxima Centauri 3 years ago

    Just how much fucking ketchup and mustard can an infection hold?

  • hsmgeek4ever 3 years ago

    What’s even worse, the tattoo was terrible.

  • jerome h. 3 years ago

    This iPad app sucks for YouTube! You cannot reply to people’s comments!

  • Nemecross 3 years ago

    whelp… i’m never having a tattoo….

  • Sierra Summer 3 years ago

    and never again did she get a tattoo after that experience.

  • Aegerus 3 years ago

    That’s just her lard coming out.

  • xCrazyCambax 3 years ago

    inefficient, should have laid the person on their back and drained it
    through a hole in the bed (yes they make beds with holes in them).

  • fhfffhfhffffhfhfourt 3 years ago

    chocolate/strawberry swirley.

  • Wolfern Diabolical 3 years ago

    so if the doctor refuses to treat.. it’ll turn like a cancer n pop a life.

  • Gerald DuBose 3 years ago

    If you guys were smart you would know that’s just a tattoo and beneath is a
    cyst , that was not caused from the tattoo that was done 

  • Emma Fordham 3 years ago

    This MUST be fake…

  • Sibéal Meehan 3 years ago

    what the Fuck was that.. How did i get here

  • Michelle Saindon 3 years ago

    Thinking maybe I don’t want any more tats…..

  • buckshot0014 3 years ago

    tatoos r not body art fukin losers tryin 2 feel cool n get attention

  • Alletta Ergun 3 years ago

    I would sue the fuck out of that artist and their shop. FUCK THAT.

  • born2fish71 3 years ago

    The surgeon who performed the operation died quite a while later because he
    never ate another meal after the surgery.

  • Static Shock 3 years ago

    this is some sick sh!t

  • Michael Andrews 3 years ago

    What the actual fuck did i just see………… ive just lost the ability
    to sleep!!!!!!

  • ProductionSktT 3 years ago

    I want a chocolate milkshake now :D

  • eddurrnne 3 years ago


  • hellzone102 3 years ago

    How the Fuck do you let it get that bad?

  • James Demuth 3 years ago

    Anyone else wondering what this smells like?

  • MegaEvl1 3 years ago

    Thats gotta be the worst infections ever on video.

  • JE Garcia 3 years ago

    Okay, at first seeing the surgeon fingering her fat pocket disturbed me
    only because I thought he was gettins some sort of weird sadistic kick out
    of humiliating her or something but when I saw more of that shit came out,
    I was like damn, he knows his stuff. 

  • kemita 3 years ago

    hmmm lasagna 

  • Giuliana Guerrero 3 years ago

    How do I get here

  • Facundo Chiquello 3 years ago

    uummm juicy yum

  • AtlantisAngel98 3 years ago

    The pain this person must have been in… and it’s not over. There is a lot
    of aftercare that can go into taking care of that.

  • Anthony Bakker 3 years ago

    Reddit 50/50 strikes again

  • OlderWaiter 3 years ago


  • Matiana Rodriguez 3 years ago

    How do tattoos get infected???? I want to know please!!!!!