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What to expect when getting a tattoo for the first time.



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  • mihai coilung 3 years ago

    those hands tattoo is fucked up shit

  • Jasmine Turner 3 years ago

    Omg , You Are Fine! & I Love The Tat 🙂

  • Guerrerence805 3 years ago

    That’s Fucking sick

  • Bod Mod 3 years ago

    How is he going to get an infection? The equipment has been sterilized and
    the shop is up to Health Board standards. It’s okay to admit you’re a hater
    but don’t try to scare anyone by using big words you found online.

  • Dizzy Derwish 3 years ago

    HERE’S what to expect when getting a tattoo, all you brilliant
    forward-thinkers: Mycobactertium Chenae. Enjoy your infection!