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This documentary explores the changing of opinions of tattoos over time. Five different subjects are interviewed about tattoos they got when they were 18, 19…



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  • BoruffAdventures 3 years ago

    This is really well edited. Everyone else is commenting about their
    tattoos, but I want you to know that someone sees and respects the amount
    of work and time you put into just making this documentary. Your audio
    levels are close to perfect. Nothing is too hot or noticeably level pumping
    due to compression. I’m guessing you have a boom op? What did you shoot on?

  • Sublimestylee1 3 years ago

    20yo, regretting my work I got when I was 19. This doc is so true. Wait.

  • deanzOOO 3 years ago

    I wonder what dolphins have done to that woman since she got her tattoo.

  • kyle m 3 years ago

    Dear white people,
    EUROPEAN!!!! sincerely another white person that has tattoos I don’t regret

  • Stephanie Bhati 3 years ago

    choose your tattooists more carefully love!!

  • Toya Hime 3 years ago

    I’m 18 and I have a large tattoo on my back, I don’t think I will regret it
    really because of the meaning behind it but I do agree that a lot of people
    just go to shops and pick random stuff out of books which kinda makes me
    mad, that would be fine if it was for research of the artist but I would
    never go in and pick a tattoo that day… seems kinda silly to me 

  • Mindy Cason 3 years ago

    pussies, tattoos are about self evolution. we all grow, and have past. You
    can’t erase your history but, I guess you can a tattoo that reminds you who
    you were and how much you have evolved as a person. Seems weird to me I’d
    never get any of mine removed been getting them since I was 18.. never
    regret one of them.

  • Thimmet 3 years ago

    The intro and outro made the piece seem unprofessional (until the
    documentary itself started). Just a tip, great work otherwise. Interesting

  • JustMarvelous 3 years ago


  • Paul Kaye 3 years ago

    Seems the general consensus is it takes some living before finding a symbol
    that can really stay with you without regret, this was cool!

  • Ben Cole 3 years ago

    Plebs with pleb tattoos 

  • shikaman 3 years ago

    Sunflowers and infinity symbols… You will definitly regret that. Get
    yourself a nice Sailor Jerry design and you will be proud for life.

  • jpgr1422 3 years ago

    My general rule is if you come up with a tattoo idea that you really want,
    make yourself wait at least a year. If you still love the idea as much
    after a year, then go for it. Gives you time to change your mind and save
    up money for it so that if you do still want to get it, at least you’ll
    have enough money to get a good quality one. But that’s just me.

  • Rasmus Drægert Nielsen 3 years ago

    Very nice. Easy to chew. I don’t really like the gradient on the End
    credits and Start.

  • qwyzl 3 years ago

    tattoo DON’TS –

    DON’T ever get a name tattooed on your body except those of your kids.
    even a best friend can turn on you. and lovers are notorious for upping
    and leaving. I wouldn’t even recommend getting a tattoo of the name of a
    rock band or celebrity; suppose some where down the line these people do
    some thing stupid, controversial or that goes against your political
    beliefs or moral ideals. remember – you don’t know what celebrities are
    REALLY like or who they REALLY are as people.

    DON’T get a tattoo of some thing really stupid.
    DON’T get a tattoo just to get back at some one or out of blind rebellion.
    DON’T get a tattoo out of anger or be cause you’re in one of those angry,
    reckless moods.
    DON’T get a tattoo when you’re drunk or stoned.

    and what ever you DO get, make sure you seriously think about it for at
    least a month be fore committing it to your body. make absolutely sure
    it’s some thing you think you can live with – for EVER.

    I personally think NO one should get a tattoo until they are at least 30
    years of age. by the time you’re 30, you’re a little more mature and not
    quite as impulsive as a younger person. and generally speaking, by the
    time one is in their 30’s, they’re a little more settled in life and a
    little more able to consider the consequences of what they do.

    they’re more able to think ahead than younger people, who, while they are
    capable of thinking ahead, generally brush off any future consequences.
    younger people are more susceptible to getting caught up in the moment
    which can result in making rash decisions, where as an older person can put
    the brakes on rash thinking and give careful consideration to what ever it
    is they want to do and then decide accordingly.

  • Emo D 3 years ago

    circle of penises hahaha

  • DarkDevil 3 years ago

    I’m 26 and have been getting tattoos since I was 18, yet to feel any

  • Brett Smith 3 years ago

    Nice vid

  • Damian McGrath 3 years ago
  • Tadhg Blommerde 3 years ago