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Tattoo Titans Show I’ll be on this season.



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  • 3 years ago

    Now watching the first episode of *tattoo titans*! Cool stuff.

    #tattoo #tattooart #tattootitans 

  • Kevin Andrew Boyson 3 years ago

    dont get it ” WHY the time limit??
    just working against the time is just stupid.

  • Theblackpearl 3 years ago

    This show is a disgrace to the tattoo industry. Sullen and tyrell are
    endorsing this shit? This is why people come into the shop these days
    telling you how to do your job and expecting a back piece in three hours.
    Scratchers will have a hay day with the show. Can’t believe it it’s sad.
    Those days have come and gone where people were scared to mess with artists
    visions. Now they get exactly what they want. The stupidest tattoos on the
    planet for the rest of their lives. Makes me angry. 

  • larry b 3 years ago

    I dig Ami and his Tattoo style….
    I also feel real bad for the people who got some real shitty ink for the
    show…I would not let any of those people tattoo me.

  • alex bell 3 years ago

    lol why wud she say guns instead of “machines”…can u rob a bank with a
    tattoo machine? i don’t think so sighhhhhhhh

  • Jeremy Hulett 3 years ago

    You guys are the best, may the force be with you.

  • Ryan Ray 3 years ago

    A billion times better then ink masters