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In a small village temple an hour east of Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was blessed to receive a traditional Sak Yant from venerable monk Phra Ajarn Gamtorn. The i…



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  • Og3990 3 years ago

    I love Thailand! I may go next Songkran in 2014

  • หยู ว่ะ 3 years ago

    i’ve seen one he can’t control himself and bit a slipper!!!!

  • หยู ว่ะ 3 years ago

    almost upper body

  • Og3990 3 years ago

    where can I get one in America?

  • หยู ว่ะ 3 years ago

    it may easier if you come to Thailand

  • หยู ว่ะ 3 years ago

    there are two language Lanna language (north part of Thailand)and Cambudia

  • Og3990 3 years ago

    can you get yant tattoos anywhere you want on the body? or does it have to
    be on the back

  • james80196 3 years ago

    I been looking sak yants up .. and at first I was like “oh well finally
    someone sanitary with a rubber glove” and then I looked down and saw his
    feet… gotta loves monks

  • Panyapat Sennamtaeng 3 years ago

    สุดยอด เหนียวใหมครับ

  • asian4548 3 years ago

    wdf white people came get sak yant tattoo , do u know about sak yant tatto
    about story?? fake should not use that , its can hurt people

  • Fred Smith 3 years ago

    What do you mean?

  • Julia Gutman 3 years ago

    Is that a foot

  • 浩伟 Lim 3 years ago

    is it very painful?whats the feeling?

  • vxphsycoxv 3 years ago

    Duse I have the exact same tattoo on my arm. I got it by a monk in Bangkok.

  • oaOmoOoo 3 years ago

    @michaEdwards You can get there also at Wat bang pra in Nakhornprathom
    province(Near Bangkok). That is famous about thai tatto(Sak Yant). Be

  • Brian Monk 3 years ago

    this music is awesome

  • michaEdwards 3 years ago

    can you may tell me the directions to get there… i´ll be ther again 2012
    and like to visit this place.. help would be much appreciated …

  • thaitattoo tiger 3 years ago

    Ajarn Sua is the founder of Thai Tattoo Preservation Club. He strongly
    desires to preserve the Thai Tattoo Tradition for the next generation.
    Mostly he tattoos in Ayuttaya and Rattanagosin pattern which is well known
    by the great Sak Yant Master. Ajarn Sua has gathered these tattoo patterns
    and promulgated not less than 20 years. Now his tattoo is well known for
    the people who love tattoo. His tattoo is very beautiful like putting the
    master pieces of art on your skin.

  • justin hanck 3 years ago

    He might as well take the glove off the fuck is wrong with you !lol

  • Charlie Jones 3 years ago

    I live in Chiang mai and know where san patong is but was just wondering of
    the name of the wat (temple).

  • 888kabe 3 years ago

    scary lookn dirty feet on your back while he tatts you looks crusty as.

  • awesome.

  • lileichmann 3 years ago

    Nice I have the same. From Phra Polilo at Wat Lod Chang Ayutthaya. He
    called it “Goo Roo Seua Goo”