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A BELGIAN teenager said today she would sue a tattoo parlour which she said covered half her face with stars while she was asleep. Kimberley Vlaeminck, 18, w…



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  • Melink0 3 years ago

    LOL pwnd

  • rickyguillory92 3 years ago

    She lien. Theres no way u can fall asleep while getting a face tattoo

  • brisnera 3 years ago

    Got proof?

  • RandomAdrian19 3 years ago

    How in the blazing deer fuck do you fall asleep during a tattoo?

  • jennyteenyful 3 years ago

    She ruined her face

  • nicotinelolipop 3 years ago

    Everybody’s starry eyed…. and everybody sued.

  • ashley5234 3 years ago

    There is no way u can fall asleep with a needle being dragged across ur
    face. Ur 18 u made a stupid decision to get that many stars on one side of
    ur face and now you feel ashamed so you are trying to blame everyone but

  • Laurie Ansell 3 years ago

    @leesajade lol thats true! that why i try have tattoos on places where can
    easily covered up with clothes you know?

  • stancypers 3 years ago

    U wanted a face tattoo, wich is stupid in the first place, now you got ur
    stars, bitch!

  • zolafoy2010 3 years ago

    this is so fake! anyone can put on a temporary tatto!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Hobbis 3 years ago

    Hope she gets to like them! I would be proud to have my girl’s face
    decorated like this, and perhaps some on other side also!!The stars add to
    her beauty, not lessen it!!

  • the7thwreck 3 years ago

    She is a LIAR. Daddy doesnt like it? You knew he wouldnt! Just go away, its
    a tattoo, live with it.

  • 7heGrea7 3 years ago

    @electrosexkitten …how the hell do you fall asleep during three tiny ass
    stars “I love the first star!….it only took 3min….. let me fall into a
    deep coma like sleep while you do 2 more” get real, can’t believe you
    bought that

  • mikedavis5671 3 years ago

    connect the dots…with a pearl necklace.

  • Elvy perez 3 years ago

    @electrosexkitten preach!

  • visualkeirockstar 3 years ago


  • rurakker 3 years ago

    falling asleep is still her fault!!!.. so why do all blind idiots here
    even need to build up their own confidence in acting this lie was useful
    for her?!? besides the tattoo ‘artist’ doesn’t even speak the language of
    the territory he’s working on.. you’re all too stupid bitches to even
    discuss that

  • gojewla 3 years ago

    I think she should just keep the tattoo. It looks kind of cool, and makes
    her stand out more than she ever would otherwise.

  • Connie Shortino 3 years ago

    that poor girl…. why do people get tattoos anyway? shit wanna spend some
    money go buy yourself some diamonds there’s some despair behind all of that
    anyway. Why scar your body for life?

  • Yanique Smith 3 years ago

    @tammetummy Exactly how in the hell would you not know someones tattooing
    56 stars on your face -_-

  • tat2ing 3 years ago

    everyone who have at list a dot of tattoo, knows that the only thing can’t
    happened to you is to fall in sleep !!!!!! what a liar …. hahahaha

  • marchelle011 3 years ago

    She’ll never get a job

  • sparky pogo 3 years ago

    bullshit ..i am a tattooist and there is no way she would sleep through
    having her face tattooed ..end of story !!

  • Tony Morton 3 years ago

    the soft sound of a high pitched loud buzzing tattoo machine puts me to
    sleep every time

  • AMCPCH666 3 years ago

    @26sanjina she wants $17,000 not $70,000

  • McmuffinNZ 3 years ago

    @grekodave yeah but would you hold her hand in public hahaha

  • Brandon Bolderoff 3 years ago

    @msfour2oh but her pants arent on the ground

  • Gypscrew 3 years ago

    @BradzPromoFtw I guess they found out she was lying actually. you can
    google the article, I guess she came out and told the truth.

  • wekiwisdofly85 3 years ago

    she wanted the mike tyson one

  • msfour2oh 3 years ago

    cant fall asleep during ANY type of tattoo unless your completely
    narcaleptick she just regrets it cuz she looks like a fool

  • LintonSistas 3 years ago

    i belive makes alot more sense then “I feel asleep”!!

  • maadgyal69 3 years ago

    SO did this chic get the money? lol

  • Rainstorm212 3 years ago

    There is no fucking way you can fall asleep while someone is tattooing your
    face, seriously, it’s pretty much impossible.

  • 23HappyApples 3 years ago

    from the way the tat artist looked I’m not surprised he did this, someone
    should of tested her to see he slipped her something in a drink and that
    may have made her fall alseep, or pass out!

  • Anerinin 3 years ago

    if you’re gonna go get a tattoo, don’t bother chickening out once you’re
    parents see.

  • TiazaLynn 3 years ago

    She is ugly as fuck before the tats.

  • Prickler32 3 years ago

    I can’t imagine she can get them all removed without scaring. She will look
    a mess and have to wear a lot of make for the rest of her live. What a
    stupid woman!

  • CGLxS 3 years ago

    i know this bitch is stupid , no one can fall asleep whilst getting a
    tattoo, what an idiot and you would notice him doing more than 3 if the
    pain is all over that side of the fact i mean fuck sake! attention seeker,
    her problem , she desscided thats what she wanted

  • Mavigo G 3 years ago

    its a shame. she was pretty hot before, now… not so much =[ shame shame

  • cjc3of3 3 years ago

    She admitted it was a lie. She lied to not make her dad angry.

  • Akio UK 3 years ago

    bitch got owned

  • SuperSmarterthanU 3 years ago

    So funny! Get one on the face…may as well have 56

  • SeeBreeRun 3 years ago

    its actually not that bad. I think it looks cool. But ya, shes lying. You
    dont fall asleep while getting a tattoo. silly.

  • Connie Shortino 3 years ago

    @msfour2oh It is defiantly her fault is what I’m trying to say, but who in
    they’re right mind would not stick up for themselves if they knew that the
    rest of they’re face was getting tattooed, I mean I’ve gotten tattooed
    before and it feels PAINFUL. It is most defiantly not a relaxing experience
    I’ll tell you that much. It’s so sad though… the tattoos look kinda cute!!

  • Pieter Claus 3 years ago

    hahahahhha she lives in my street

  • Nicolle Smith 3 years ago

    i highly doubt she fell asleep while gettin a tattoo done especially if its
    on your face lol