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This is the traditional Monk tattooing of Thailand. This was done by Uncle Monk for Sargeant Bob Bartos of the Cleveland Police. Bob has been a good friend f…



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  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    see above

  • chanthourana123 3 years ago


  • Nihal Fernando 3 years ago

    And also I have heard that you should not scold or stare at your parents,
    take good care of them. No. 3 is not to rape or have sex with your friend’s
    wife or daughters. You will also have to meditate at least for 10 minutes

  • John Moore 3 years ago

    @BeingNobody1956 he was talking about the precepts I believe. Monks can
    have money. Money is donated to the monks and temple

  • exigentrevolution 3 years ago

    I’m very interested in doing this! I have a lot of questions. 1) How bad is
    the pain? I have 5 tattoos done all here in the US. Is this method
    remarkably more painful? 2) How long was this process? 3) What was that
    “offering” about? 4) How much did this cost?

  • Dozz45 3 years ago

    Was it done by a real monk???

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    It has no power if it wasn’t done by a monk. A monk will never charge
    anybody for anything. They are monks and live a simple life. This tattoo
    has meaning one you pay for is just a tattoo.

  • Nicola Rose 3 years ago

    Seriously, is the mushtash on Bob and the eyebrows on Uncle Monk’s
    assistant real???

  • funkyjfk 3 years ago

    I was wondering, does the tattooing Monk decide the tattoo he thinks you
    need or do they discuss it or it’s up to the recipient? How exactly does
    the process work?

  • agrippa9 3 years ago

    some people find it more comfortable getting a tattoo in Thailand because
    the artist and the location are so normal and ordinary in north america
    people are in intimidated by the freex and run down locations so some wold
    would travel to far flung places to get there tats

  • cyruscheuk 3 years ago

    Hi all,, where is this wat , who can provide me the address?? thx

  • Day Villena 3 years ago

    can u please ask the address ^_^ thank you so much! are the monks allowed
    to tattoo women??? reply pls tnx ^_^

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    It took about 20 mins total for the tattooing but the waiting for Uncle
    Monks to finish he work and then getting the room ready, the worship and
    prep work took a while. Personally I have 2 tattoos. One of a balloon
    flower which I had done in 95 here in the States. I think it was a bit more
    painful to have the color and shading done then just the poking of a long
    needle. I had to think long and hard about both my tattoos. If it means a
    lot to get one in Cambodia then go for it.

  • ming k 3 years ago

    if you need good thing might wait long like that. cuz monk trying to teach
    you for patient. everything monk doing it’s have meaning inside depend your

  • cyruscheuk 3 years ago

    wich area in bankok, can u give me his address thx

  • Archan Tia 3 years ago

    Nice vids, pretty cool. If you get a chance to visit northern malaysia make
    sure you visit Wat Sungai Siput, the monk there named Arjan Tia is pretty
    good at tattoo too, his blog at archantia[dot]info

  • Nihal Fernando 3 years ago

    I got a tattoo something like five vertical stripes on the back of my left
    shoulder while my American friend got the same on his right shoulder when
    visited Thailand. Ajhan Noo is said to be a very famous Buddhist layman
    even in Hollywood. I will have to wait for the results after having the
    tattoo on my body.

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    I saw that on TV and said “he’s got my tattoo”

  • Nihal Fernando 3 years ago

    I have got one done by Ajhan Nu in Thailand. You can Google his home page.
    His charges are high for foreigners. Hollywood celebrities also visit him
    for tattoos.

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    That is Bumm the Clown. He is in many of my Thailand videos.

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    I have one done in the US and this one, the Thai tattoo hurt less and this
    only to about 20 min. Monks don’t need or take money for there work. The
    offering is a thank you with a total cost of about $15 u.

  • mrrshotshot 3 years ago

    From start to finish how long did the tattoo take and how painful was it?
    I’, thinking about doing something similair in Cambodia

  • Dozz45 3 years ago

    where in Thailand is uncle monk?

  • Kon TumMaDa 3 years ago

    @lumalive Ajhan nu all about bussiness now and he suck !!! he became greedy
    on money he also made movie… surgery his nose hes became just normal ppl
    with greedy now !!! also alot of show off vdo on youtube just for maketing
    !! he is sux

  • Nuno Clemet 3 years ago

    man no gloves!!!!

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    This is true. Male Monks can not touch women in any way. I have seen a male
    Monk make a tattoo on a woman’s tongue but he never physically touched her.

  • Moderm101 3 years ago

    is there a high risk of HIV? or other things? or is the hygine good?

  • jamiethechippie 3 years ago

    Is it just me or does the monk lick the needle at one point…

  • jamesito20 3 years ago

    im actually getting a tattoo of a monk praying on my shoulder its gonna be

  • sarisommer19 3 years ago

    It is hurts?

  • MoneyMan169 3 years ago

    chris garver from miami ink has a tattoo done by a monk just like this one

  • sicklittlepig 3 years ago

    i see bob has had tattoos before ( scull on his upper shoulder) i have a
    few tattoo gun tat’s now going back to Thailand 8th trip and would like to
    get a monk to do a tattoo dose bob remember the pain? was it like a tattoo

  • oolbob 3 years ago

    @siLaRoo he is a clown and just coming from a show…

  • AngKoRiaN1 3 years ago

    i remember thai soilders travel from the west just 2 get khmer tattoo
    beggin for it 1st of all its ancient khmer tattoo 2nd it’s suppose 2 remain
    sacred Khmer use this tattoo as a last resort to fight back against the
    fuckin viet and thais now thai acctually claim it, fuckin dumbass giving
    tattoo just for money n fame, thai pathetic

  • sapalorbuddah 3 years ago

    greetings what is the name of the temple in bangkok ?

  • Greg Hairston 3 years ago

    3:22 guy looks like krillin off dragon ball GT when he is getting old

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    I don’t have the address a friend knows the way.

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    Everyone gets the same one first which is for protection, after that I
    think it is up to the Monk.

  • FlowerClown 3 years ago

    No money, well just a little $2us but it was more of an offering with some
    flowers and smokes.